Best Video Backdrops For Home Business

Best Video Backdrops For Home Business


Best Video Backdrops For Home Business

Do you want to do videos for your home business, but not sure what backdrop will look best?

I have used many different backdrops for my videos over the years, but I love my canvas backdrops best because it hides all the mess in my house and makes my videos look on brand and tidy.

There are definitely things that you can do for your home business videos in terms that don’t consist of backdrops as I share in this video, it’s just that I find backdrops the easiest.

I’ll show you a few examples of backgrounds and backdrops that people use that I like.

I hope you found this video helpful.

If you’d like to get your own backdrops here’s a few resources. – Custom backdrops & some pre-designed backdrops – All predesigned backdrops

I hope this helps you in your video marketing and attracting people to you.

Tracey Rose .. xx
What backdrop should you use for your
videos? Do you need something more
professional made up like this. This is a
canvas backdrop .. or do you want something
a little bit more plain like this one?
Now one of the things that has made my
videos stand out, probably look
aesthetically pleasing, stay on brand and
kind of I think just look tidy, is
because I utilize specific backgrounds.
I’m very conscious of the
background I’m using. Now don’t get me
wrong, you don’t necessarily need a
background, but I would make sure if
you’ve using just an office
background or a plain wall to make it
at least on brand with who you’re trying
to target in your business. So if it’s
home business owners, if it’s someone who
is looking to work from home I prefer
something that’s nice and clean and tidy.
And … I tell people, you know a lot of this
is to hide some of the mess that’s going
on in my house (laughs) so I want my videos to look nice and clean and tidy, but an
office-y background could be quite cool
as well
or a simple set of shelves that are
in a way that looks really cool. Having a
plain wall is also awesome as well.
Colored walls really pop in the videos.
Let’s have a look at some of the
backgrounds that I’ve seen in other
people’s videos that I love …
It doesn’t have to look
fancy-schmancy but I just find it
looks cooler if you have a think about
what is in your background. So even if
you’re filming out and about, consider the
background behind you. I remember my
friend Emma Veiga-Malta from Bespoke
Backdrops, who actually created my
backdrops, she was talking about one day
you know filming when you’re out and
about making sure you’ve not got like a
toilet sign in the background or
something like that, so there’s just some
things to consider. I hope it helps you
in your video marketing and attracting
people to you and if you want some more
tips on doing the same for your business
then head over to my website
and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye!

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