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Best Online Business at Home during lockdown at your area, In this video we will discuss the type of business which we can do at home. There are lot of businesses which are categorized into two groups first one is the services business and the second one is product business. To learn the business firstly you should understand both groups like services and products business.
The big difference between product and services is, Services are Intangible and products are tangible. Intangible are those activities and performance which can be used but cannot be touched on another hand tangible are those object which can be felt and touch. The best example of service is a sim service provider which give service to their customer for talking and internet. They charge the money in the form of balance. Other services are teaching teach us and students learn from him/her. Teacher charge the fee against the service.
Another example of the service is a doctor who checks the patient and performs activity during the check-up of a patient the activity will be called service and the doctor will be charged the fee against the money so that are paid services. Another side if we talk about the product, the product is a physical object which can be touch and feel. The best example of the product is mobile, a mobile company manufacturing mobile and sale it in the market to get the profit, even there are many products which we use in our daily life like food, garments, etc. it also includes Best Online Business at home.
The major difference between products and services is that the product can be a store but service cannot be store. So you can understand the service business one of the businesses in which we do not need to touch for sale. In this video, we will discuss the service business for home. In service, there are two types of business indoor service business and outdoor service business. Outdoor service business, the best example for this type of business is Sim service provider business and travel transportation business that are business which is not possible to do at home. But our topic is Best Online Business at home so go ahead.
Now let’s discuss the indoor service business, that service which can be a sale to the customer at home via online method is called indoor service business and the process is also called freelancing. Freelancing is one of the businesses which can be done at home with a laptop and internet connection you just need guideline and skill.
There is a lot of skill which can be a sale on the website to get money, a person who sale the service by the online method is called a freelancer. I have prepared fifteen best freelancer skills for online business. Which will be explaining in the next video?