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Welcome to your channel. Welcome to our channel!

Today I am going to talk about PI network cryptocurrency
which is a major topic in the world nowadays
So, what is PI, why PI?
How does it work?

A couple of days ago, my friends were also sending me PI networks,

which is why I started to research case study on it.

And I got to know many things like
PI network is a digital cryptocurrency and

it is similar to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

But among those, Bitcoin has got more marketability  than others.
To get understand more better, I will give you a short brief about Bitcoin
Bitcoin was launched in 2008.
When it launched, many people had commented
this it is not safe. Do not invest in it, it’s a blind chance/game.
Moreover it has no third party etc etc
Despite that, some people had invested in it when they got free

At first it just needed the resources like

computer, internet, software etc.

Look, in 2008 it had value 0

but in 2019 one Bitcoin $ 9200 and once upon a time
it reached 17-18 lac.

In this way, PI network works
however it is not the same like Bitcoin.

There are some differences such as
you just have to install the PI apps in your smartphone and give the 8-9 seconds only for it in 24 hours

When you install and click, this type of image will appear.

As far as possible go with facebook rather than phone number.

Because in case if you have done something wrong then it asks you for a phone number

which will be based in the US, UK, abroad and thus it will cut your balance charges

To avoid this, it’s better to go with FB.

When you logged in via FB, then PI automatically received your info from FB.

Log in again and go to set up your account.

Where you have to put your name, last name. Fill up those according to your bank account name, citizenship

passport id otherwise its quite impossible to rectify. You only get one chance when you are going to fill up the KYC form.

in case you have done something wrong with your name.

After finishing that, choose your username as well.

The next step is an invitation code where you can put my name

which is BishalBantawaRai or others.

After doing that, here comes another, just click to get started.

Here we see the arrow

on that arrow (icon) you have to click on that icon in 24 hours for minings

Here we can see how much you earn…..

its a few days ago chart.

Next is real or fake?

As far as I am concerned, this is real.

The person who had created this, two guys are PHD degree holders and one is MBA degree holder from Stanford University.

In the case of FB. We know that FB was launched in 2004.

It was founded by Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, along with fellow Harvard College students and roommates.

Who else knew that one day FB will get a chance to dominate in the internet/social media world.
That was not their intention.

On the other hand PI network has intention.

Many people are connecting and building a large universe from all over the world.
That’s the reason I can say it has a very good scope.

Furthermore, you can check these person profiles in Stanford University or Google.

Which is why, it’s real not spam.

In the case of Withdraw,

you can not withdraw at this time. Wait for phase 3.

First phase was started on 14/3/2019

Second phase was 14/3/2020 in Corona virus pandemic time.

Like in this way, developers, researchers are claiming

it will come down on 14/3/2021 and get the exchange list and

then you can withdraw. In addition,

this type of project is suitable for a long term period.

one of the world famous investors Mr. Warren Buffet has said this.

Meanwhile, collect the points as much as you can through mining.

Pi users have four roles as we can see in the photo.

First role is Pioneer and that person who registered is called a Pioneer.

Second is the Contributor. To become a contributor, at least wait for 3 days and

then you will become and put a security circle on yourself whom you trust.

It will boost your mining speed.

Likewise the third role is Ambassador. No need to write for explaining.

Because we can see it in the image.

Last but not the least, Node, it has not been started yet.

Next, my friend sent me this photo. It is written on Nepali language

If you do not understand or want more info then you can check on Google, you-tube..

All in all, I can say this it has a very bright future however

I can not fully guarantee that it will 100% succeed.

In the context of the current scenario, its trading is becoming so popular,

attracting and connecting people all over the world. Based on that

we can predict that it will make history in the field of cryptocurrencies and it can beat Bitcoin.

Therefore, at this time when company is giving free coins

you can collect by doing as I said before. Install the app and mining

Otherwise when it’s listed in exchange then probably you might not buy at that time

like the Bitcoin case. How expensive bitcoin has become!

That time who invested in Bitcoin you know…
and those people who did not invest on Bitcoin….presently regretting….

..same thing applies in PI network. And now it’s up to you?
This is my username.

you can put mine or others.If you put mine then you will earn fastly because I have many members.

. And now you understand almost everything how it works like

f we see the history of FB, youtube, google…how they got popularity

because of demand/networking.
In the market if any stuff/material becomes popular demand then its value will automatically rise

It’s a principle of Economics.

In that way, PI networking is expanding globally.
Therefore, it’s better to use it right now like there is a saying”
strike when the thing is right`
otherwise don’t blame me in future that i did not warn/tell you.
And now we are almost to the end.

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Tc and stay safe/strong

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