Best Heat Press Machine To Start A Home T-Shirt Business On A Budget (Unboxing HPN Craft Pro 15×15)

Best Heat Press Machine To Start A Home T-Shirt Business On A Budget (Unboxing HPN Craft Pro 15×15)

►►HPN Craft Pro 15″ x 15”:

In this video I unbox the HPN Craft Pro 15×15 heat press machine that i will be using to restart my home t-shirt business. When searching for a good heat press machine to start your business there are a ton of things you should consider.

First and foremost, you need to consider your budget is going play a major part on what heat press machine you choose. While amazon and ebay have some very cheap options, however i don’t believe you should choose your press based on price alone.

Secondly, you must consider the size press you would like to have i dont suggest going less then a 15×15 for a home t-shirt business unless you are planning to be super mobile. So your options are pretty much 15″x15″ or 16″x20″ but for starting out and being on a budget 15″x15″ is what we will be looking at.

Third, features I mean most heat press machines come with the standard features and the only cheap real feature you find is the bunch in on features where it gives you hat, mug, and other options which i personally don’t like the thought of because your already going cheap and that gives you more things that could go wrong.


HPN added the slide out drawer to a entry level machine and this is the single reason you should purchase this as your first heat press machine for your business.

Lastly, quality of the machine and company/brand behind the heat press machine and HEAT PRESS NATION has taken this industry by storm as a brand and quality of press at the price points they offer.

►►HPN Craft Pro 15″ x 15”:

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