Best Fat Burning Foods (The Real Truth)

Best Fat Burning Foods (The Real Truth)


Have you heard about fat burning foods? Here’s the truth about you the “best fat burning foods” and how they actually work for getting you leaner.

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About the video:
There’s a lot of hype around fat burning foods and the effects some these foods have on fat loss. In this video, you’ll learn the truth about this idea of the “best fat burning foods” as well as the real mechanism for how fat loss works and what foods to focus on when dieting to reduce body fat.

This is the type of advice I wish I knew when I first started my fitness journey because it would’ve saved me from a lot of mistakes I’ve made as I was learning about nutrition.

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My name is Mario Tomic. I specialize in helping busy entrepreneurs and professionals take their physique to the next level so they can perform at their best.

Since 2011, I’ve spent over 10 000 hours practicing, studying, and coaching fitness, nutrition, and high performance.

Most people don’t know that my native language is Croatian and that I worked in computer science before I started my fitness and personal development coaching company.

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This video is about the “Best Fat Burning Foods”

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