BEST Everyday Full Body Workout – QUICK & EFFECTIVE for Fat Burning | 15 mins No Equipment

Get in this 15min full body workout to help tackle your weight loss and fat loss goals. A home workout using your bodyweight that you can do with no equipment, only an exercise mat is needed. This workout will help jumpstart your weight loss and fat loss goals or just to get into a routine of being more active. Add this to your other workout routines, cardio for the best results.
All workouts are most effective when combined with proper dieting, healthy eating, a caloric surplus or deficit depending on your goals. Remember abs are made in the kitchen!

Filming location – Ritz Carlton Hong Kong 118th floor fitness centre

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Disclaimer: Before you start your workout, please make sure you are in good health and physical wellbeing. Consult with a doctor before beginning any exercise programs. If you are sick or injured, please consult your physician or doctor to seek professional advice before performing any of these programs. By performing any workout exercises, you are doing them at your own risk. I will not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained as a result of my workout videos or programs. To avoid injuries during a workout, please perform each exercise with correct form. Make sure you are in a safe and controlled environment while you are working out.

Results are not 100% guaranteed, the best results are from following a program suited for you and a diet to control your daily caloric intake, whether it be a deficit or surplus. Keep in mind results don’t come overnight and it takes discipline, determination and most importantly time for your body to change and adapt to what you’re trying to achieve. You may feel muscle pain (DOMS) from doing these workouts depending on your level of fitness and past history with working out. This is normal and you can choose to take proper rest for your muscles to recover. I am here to help show different types of workouts that may help different people achieve their goals, whether it is inside a gym or not. Again, workout safely the top priority is your health and safety.

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