Beginner Fat Burning Workout To Lose Weight In 7 Days | Home Workout

Beginner Fat Burning Workout To Lose Weight In 7 Days | Home Workout

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5 basics of fat loss that you need to know :

Tired of trying to lose weight by dieting? Well, we often associate weight loss with dieting and end up ignore the basics of fat loss. In fact, shedding those extra inches basically does not only involve quitting your favorite food, but at the same time it also involves managing daily diet along with exercise. However, there are several ways of achieving that perfect shape without putting in much efforts and just be following some simple rules.

Don’t get carried away with fancy sensational headlines that promise on making you lose weight by just following some diets. Rather you need to count your calories and watch out on your physical activities. Here are some easy steps you need to follow in order to lose that extra fat:

1 ] Reduce Intake of calories :
The entire game of weight loss is incomplete without diet management. This is what makes calorie management so important. Right from maintaining a calorie check to reducing the intake of calories, the fat loss journey is only possible when calorie consumption is reduced and is paired with exercise. For a sustainable weight loss, it is advised to consume only 1200 calories a day. (Consult your personal nutritionist)

2 ] Go for lean proteins :
Apart from workout and diet management, adding healthy fats to your daily routine can help in losing weight quickly and provide ample nutrition to the body. Lean proteins help in keeping you satiated for a longer duration of time. Lean fats like chicken, fish, or plant-based proteins like tofu.

3] Don’t leave carbs completely :
Many people leave carbs completely and this is what hampers the weightloss journey. Carbs are essential for body as they provide ample energy and nutrition. Hence, one should never completely leave carbs rather going for a low carb diet helps in losing weight and helps in improving immunity. Healthy carbs like protein, whole-wheat bread, oats, barley make for a perfect healthy meal.

4] Be active :
Managing a healthy diet as well as workout is important to lose weight. In fact, being active during the day helps in proper blood circulation and keeps you active throughout the day. What’s more, it helps in breaking food molecules and making it easy to digest, which further leads to a sustainable weight management.

5] Sleep :
This is the most essential part of weight loss without, which all your efforts will be wasted. A proper eight hour sleep is all we need to stay healthy and fit. Proper sleep helps in healthy metabolism and is good for an overall health and immunity. In fact, drinking herbal tea and chamomile tea before bed time helps in inducing sleep.


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