[BEGINNER] FAT BURNING BODYWEIGHT  WORKOUT // Train at HOME no Equipment (lose fat)

[BEGINNER] FAT BURNING BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT // Train at HOME no Equipment (lose fat)

Welcome back into another video! If you are a beginner trying to lose fat and don’t want to go to the gym, and you are looking for what to do but it all seems too difficult for you, today i’m going to show you a Fat Burning Bodyweight Workout for Beginner that you can easily do at home, No Equipment needed!
With this fat burning workout you can train at home every day you have some free time, and when it will be too easy for you, you will proceed to the intermediate level!
I suggest you to do a little 5 minutes warm up to let the blood starts flowing into muscles before start the workout.
Let’s workout together!

[BEGINNER] FAT BURNING BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT // Train at HOME no Equipment (lose fat)

0:00 Intro
0:19 1. Lunges Back
0:59 2. Knee Pushup Shoulder Tap
1:39 3. Squat
2:18 4. Leg Raise Plank
2:59 5. High Knees
3:38 6. Push Through
4:18 7. Mountain Climber

30 seconds work + 10 seconds rest, repeat for 3-4 rounds with 1-2 minutes rest between each round.
If you are a beginner, try this workout and comment down below what you think.
What are you waiting for? Now you don’t have excuses, let’s burn some fat for the summer!
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Stay tuned for the Intermediate and Advanced Fat Burning Workouts!

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