Bee Network's review by NV Media | Bee Network vs Pi Network |

In this video I have shared my opinion on the new project Bee Network (New Cryptocurrency) emerging nowadays. The project is similar to Pi Network. I have given my Review on Bee and discussed the positives and negatives of this project comparing it with Pi Network

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– Introduction
Due to the popularity of Pi Network, many similar projects are emerging nowadays and using the user base created by Pi Network in order to reach mass audience..
One such project is Bee Network..
Many users are comparing it with Pi Network..
But if we go to the technical depth, these projects are no way near the Pi Network

1. Need a click daily
2. Safe to use
3. Free, thus nothing to loose

But don’t compare it with Pi Network, if we look at the white paper of Bee Network we can found that..
1. We don’t know about the core team
2. No mention of consensus algorithm, which is the base of cryptocurrencies
3. No mentioning of Nodes, which are the basic blocks of blockchain

I have given you my points, now its up to you to decide..
Asking of me, I will not be using this..
If you want to join, you can though


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This is an educational video on the Bee Network
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