Become a fat burning Machine || Book Summary || Hindi

The Fat-Burning Machine isn’t just a clever turn of phrase; it’s an actual description of how our bodies are designed to work

Fat-“burning” foods are actually anti-inflammatory foods. With less systemic inflammation, the body is under less “stress,” and is less inclined to store fat.

We all know people in their twenties who have terrible diets but seem to get away with it. They say, “I have high metabolism,” and everyone accepts it at face value. But when they don’t see it overtly, there’s an undercurrent going on—subtle hormonal responses to the food they’re eating, their sleep patterns, their life stress- es—as well as reproductive hormones that are not necessarily picked up on blood tests. People aren’t usually aware of these changes because they’re not overt. So they’re surprised and unhappy when they get to their forties and they start noticing problems.

Top Fat-STORING Foods Breaded or fried meats Chicken nuggets, chicken-fried steak Breaded or fried fish or seafood Fish and chips Processed foods, like frozen meals
Sweet-and-sour meat, seafood, vegetables Pasta or pizza Spaghetti and marinara or Alfredo sauce Calzone, stromboli Potpies (turkey, chicken, beef, salmon) Sweet and spicy wings Baked beans with honey or brown sugar Pastries and baked goods made with refined flour and sugar—cakes, pies, cook- ies, brownies Muffins, scones Bread and crackers made with refined flour Bagels, croissants Pancakes, waffles, French toast Sweetened granola, granola bars Boxed cereal Canned soups or vegetables with added sugar Refried beans with added fat Biscuits and gravy, stuffing Prepared sauces containing sugar Any foods or oils containing the words “hydrogenated” or “partially hydro- genated” Margarine Artificial cheese Potatoes, French fries, tater tots Onion rings Corn Chowders—corn, clam, crab Popcorn, corn, potato, and “snack” chips Trail mix (sweetened or with fruit) Fruit juice—especially orange, grapefruit, cranberry, mango, blended fruit

Top Fat-BURNING Foods Fresh vegetables, especially dark leafy greens (spinach, kale, collard greens), as- paragus, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, squash [see here] Fresh meat—beef, chicken, lamb, pork, venison, buffalo Beef or turkey jerky Cured and deli meat—ham, sausage, bacon, smoked turkey Chicken and poultry—chicken, duck, goose, quail, turkey Seafood and fish (all)—[see here] Smoked fish Canned tuna, anchovies, sardines Tofu Plain Greek yogurt and other plain yogurt Cheese (all)—cow, goat, hard, soft Cottage cheese Cream cheese Ricotta cheese Eggs Egg whites (carton) * Fruit—low-to-moderate-sugar varieties, such as apple, avocado, blackberry, blueberry, cantaloupe, coconut, cranberry, lemon, lime, peach, raspberry, strawberry, rhubarb, watermelon Vegetable oils—olive, canola, coconut, sesame, sunflower, walnut Butter Nut butters (unsugared)—peanut, almond, cashew, sesame, sunflower Mayonnaise Milk—cow, almond, soy, coconut, rice Nuts and seeds, such as almonds, walnuts, cashews, macadamias, pecans, chick- peas, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds Vinegar Mustard

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