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What is Beast Funnels All about?

Beast Funnels is funnels builder software by Brendan mace. Inside Beast Funnels you build squeeze pages and funnels

The software is fully cloud based and also integrates with all major email autoresponders

Manychat Integration and Push Notifications Integration are some cool new features

The best thing is Beast Funnels has built in free viral referral traffic that can build your list in no time

Are you a clickfunnels user? or using any other funnels builder software. you are not using it to the full potential and leaving money on the table by paying a monthly subscription fee

If you buy Beast Funnels now, you will get it for a low one time fee rather than a monthly subscription

Watch my review before you buy best funnels to see inside the software where I show you a demo of beast funnels on how it works

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How Beast Funnels works?

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beast funnels review plus bonus.

in this video i am going to show you a full demo

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what’s up fellow entrepreneur i am
ragav raja here welcome to my beast
funnels review as you can see i’m here
inside the dashboard of beast funnels
in this quick video i will strip it down
show you what’s inside
and also tell you how it works and also
what i like what i don’t like
and i will get on the sales page and i
have a look at the claims being made
and let’s see if this one lives up to
those claims and of course i have put
together a ton of custom and exclusive
bonuses for you
if you choose to get beast funnels
through my link in the description
down below this video all right let’s
dive in but before i go
through beast funnels i want to quickly
mention you that if you want some really
cool stuff
including a cpa course that teaches you
how to make
money without selling also how to get
100 free clicks that work that is what
80 dollars absolutely free
just go to
that will be the second link
in the description
and enter your email on the next page i
will send that over to you right away
all right let’s dive into beast funnels
software in a nutshell
beast funnels is a simple and
straightforward funnel better software
which contains optimized squeeze pages
that you can use
right away and also includes free viral
there are many uh products in the market
right now promising
free viral traffic but this one is a
little different
by building your list at the same time
with that free viral traffic okay
you will see it in the demo also it
connects with the major
email autoresponders and number two it
includes manychat integration
allows you to do messenger about
marketing chatbot marketing
has insane open rates than traditional
email marketing
number three push notification
integration as well so that you can
notify your subscribers
with updates or offers directly to their
mobiles or browsers
so best for that add 3x power to your
marketing campaigns
if this sounds interesting to you uh
just stick with me till the end of this
video because i’ll be breaking it down
okay any time during this video if you
want to pick up these followers
just click on my first link in the
description down below this video
if you do so you’ll be taken to my bonus
page where i host all of my bonuses for
these funnels
to get these funnels along with my
custom bonuses hundred percent free of
click on any of these green buttons you
will be redirected the sales page of
beast funnels
and click on get instant access on the
next page fill your details
once you are successfully done your
receipt page will look similar to this
i click on the blue button to grab your
bonuses also you have to buy before the
countdown timer hits
zero that is because all of my bonuses
will expire and this bonus page might be
taken down
um i don’t want to miss out any of these
bonuses because i have spent
hours to create these bonuses for you
okay now let me
show you my bonuses real quick my bonus
number one is 10k
email manifesto focusing on how to start
email marketing business
the math began scaling your email list
and much more
okay next bonus number two is the figure
breakout course by jono armstrong
where he teaches you how to hire
instagram influencers
in your niche and negotiate uh them for
a shout out
for your offers then capturing the
followers using google ads tag and also
retargeting them
with google display ads for making a ton
of sales this is pretty powerful stuff
generates a ton of traffic in no time
then my bonus number three is how to
build a buyers list
as you as you build your list there will
be proven buyers and also freebie
who just want free stuff having a buyers
list is
important for your long success so this
bonus helps you
building a list of proven buyers which
is one of the assets in your online
then bonus number four is vip bought
affiliate club is a cheat sheet
that gives you the exact blueprint of
chatbot marketing
that generated twenty seven thousand
dollars in affiliate commissions
for ad and conquering the chatbot
marketing is on fire right now
jump on the train as soon as possible
bonus number five will get access to all
the better bonuses the vendor has given
three different bonuses
uh remember these bonuses are available
only during the launch
uh done for your funnels one click you
will get
done for your phones that are already
tested and proven to convert
all you need to do is to add your
offline links then bonus number two is
traffic multiplier technology
the viral traffic that brings every
visitor into beast funnels will be
multiplied by the people they refer then
multiplied again by the reference which
exponentially grows your list
and bonus number three is no monthly fee
which means that it will not be charged
a monthly fee
as you are one of the founding
members of beast funnels
but this applies to you only if you get
this during the launch
if you buy after the launch a monthly
fee will be charged
most funnel builders software require a
monthly subscription
beast funnels will be available for a
one-time fee of just
17 bucks for a limited time most
affiliates will offer only these
built-in bonuses of their promos but i’m
trying to go above and beyond everyone
right here
to give you the best experience possible
with beast funnels okay now the demo
have been waiting for
the software developer digo will give
you the full demo of these funnels
come back after the demo i’ll be
explaining the price and upgrades you
can get
now over to the go hello and welcome to
build funnel
my name is diego and i’m going to show
you the
main features and we are going to focus
especially on the referral system
which is the main feature of this funnel
we’re going to go ahead and create a new
now from here we can select one of the
i’m going to choose this and i’m going
to give
a simple test name
and for this presentation i’m going to
use amazon
as my affiliate link
alright now here’s something important
how many subscribers before a referral
can change
their affiliate link i’m going to set
this to four and i’m going to explain
in a little bit what exactly means
i’m going to set my name
and i’m going to choose one of these
photos all right
from here you can add your push
notification script and your many chat
those both are going to be embed on the
landing page so every time a user lands
on your landing page
they are going to pop up the push
and also after they subscribe they are
going to get a message to
subscribe to your manychat account
and here of course where we are going to
store our leads i’m going to set this to
store locally
for now and i’m going to save and
publish this
all right so this is our new
we are going to view it
all right now from here i’m going to
explain you about the referral system
so i’m going to sign up here
okay i’m going to take to amazon
because that’s the freely link that i
said and from here you can see
there’s another tab where
you can access the manychat
and here’s where the referral system
starts so the person who actually signed
we’re showing a message that he won this
and now he can log into the system so
let me show you exactly what this this
i’m going to open a new window here
all right and i’m going to
navigate to this follow too
all right so this person
now he can log in here
and now you have this um
this referral url that he can start
so we are going to copy this the link is
and basically it’s your same landing
but now he have the options to start
collecting leads too
but let’s go back to your account here
for a second
as you can see remember that we said
that we need four referrals here
in order so they can change their
affiliate link all right that means that
our link is going to be amazon until
shared four times or subscribed four
into the funnel now if we go here
and we go manage my leads
let’s go to the test
i’m sorry i’m going to download
we have one list right now because
that’s the
diego 44 that we just signed up right
now i’m going here
and this person if he wants to change
their affiliate link
for google for example
he’s going to tell it oh sorry you need
four more referrals in order to update
the url
that means four new people need to sign
up here
in order for him to change the affiliate
link so
right now if i go here
and sign up here
now as you can see it’s still amazon
because that’s what i said here
in my campaign you know i said to amazon
and now this guy have a new account
that he can actually log in and start
sharing the same page now here
now let’s attach anything
now before was for referral right now he
only need three more in order to change
the affiliate link
and if we go back here
and let me refresh this now
we have two leads the ones that
subscribe to our page
and the new persons who subscribe to our
page now i have a little
presentation here so we can explain this
so this is you and you have said that
four people need to subscribe in order
to change their affiliate link right
our affiliate link is right
now now you share this
and two people subscribe this person
is still have the affiliate
he cannot change this he has
shared this to only two persons two
and they have subscribed to the landing
page but they haven’t
do anything else than just adding
their own accounts now he needs to share
two more
in order to change the amazon in this
case he already shared to four people
four people already subscribed to his
landing page that means that now he can
to for example and that can go
and go and go and go beyond on the
funnel like this guy here
he already subscribed four people and
he can change to for
example now let’s go back here
and here and let’s keep sharing this
to another person
all right
i’m going to click here
now there’s a new guy here
and i’m going to continue to another one
and another one
now if i go back to my account i’m the
i’m going to refresh this and now i have
four referrals
that means that now i can change this
to for example ebay
i’m going to save this okay
and if i copy here
and go to my url the next person
should go now to my new affiliate link
that is
perfect now but that doesn’t change my
landing page i’m going to still sending
people from here
from here to amazon because i’m the
owner of the account plus
i’m going to still capturing the leads
for everybody
on the funnel i’m going to keep
capturing the manychat the push
notification because i’m a paid member
i’m going to add another one
and i should go to amazon
perfect so that’s how the referral
system works
um this is the best way to describe it
it’s a a great way so people can keep
sharing and sharing the link and
basically you are going to collect
all these leads all these lists here
every time they share you are going to
collect them and you can set any number
of people
of subscribers that they need in order
to change
their affiliate link so i hope you like
it and
as you can see this is a very powerful
way to
incrementally generate a lot of leads
for your account and
show them your affiliate link to a lot
of people
by using the referral system that is all
the demo buddy now you got a clear idea about
what beast funnels is and what you can do
beast funnels i believe so now let me
explain the pricing and the upgrades
the beast funnel cost you uh 17.97
um for a one-time fee during the launch
you will get an
all the features of these funnels and
also all of my bonuses
this is a no-brainer deal regarding the
upgrades there are five
remember these are completely optional
but i do recommend two of them because
they do they do have a downsell price
which means you can get the same upgrade
for a discounted price um i will tell
you how to
get that once you are offered with this
upgrades just scroll down to the bottom
of the page and click on
something that says no i don’t want blah
blah blah and then you will click on
that it will be offered with the
discounted price upgrade number one is
max commissions for 67 dollars
you can get this for 37 uh this is
recommended because it
activates recurring campaigns on beast
funnels uh which allow you to
get access to four high converting
recurring offers uh which pays you
once you make a sale this is your door
to passive income
next upgrade number two is done for your
beast funnels cost you 197 dollars
uh we can also get this for a downside
price of 97
the same exact upgrade um which gives
you extra email swipes and extra
squeeze pages uh these email swipes you
can add to your autoresponders you don’t
have to write for yourself
and also many chat follow-up sequences
also consider
this one but it is all up to your budget
then update number three is
unlimited traffic for 187 they will
allow you to
put your google ads tag or facebook
pixels on their sales page
uh so people listing that page will be
added to a retargeting audience list
you can run um ads on them for half of
the pricings you are
retargeting okay then upgrade number
four is complete 1k daily system
i don’t recommend this because it is not
as easy as it sounds
to make thousand dollars per day takes
consistent effort and time
so skip this one upgrade number five
license rights for 97
that is all from me if you find this
video useful drop a like below
your feedback is very important to me
also consider subscribing to my channel
if you don’t want to miss out any of my
reviews and bonuses ask your queries and
comments i will get back to you as soon
as possible
uh thank you for watching my beast
funnels review stay safe take care take
thank you

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