Barbie New Family After School Routine – Homework Tree House Play Date & Making Pizza

Barbie Family After School Evening routine Barbie Mommy Theresa, Dad Ryan and Brunette Staci. Barbie sisters come home from school with Chelsea , Skipper and Stacie. Skipper works on homework and work on their babysitters inc appointments. Stacie and Gabbi practice soccer in the yard. Chelsea and Nikki Play in their treehouse pretending they are enchantimals. They wash up for dinner and make a delicious pizza as a family! They get ready for bedtime in the barbie house pink bathroom. Mom and Dad tuck them in.

Toys Featured:
Barbie House Steffi Love
Team Stacie Soccer Playset
Barbie Chelsea Treehouse Toy
Barbie Picnic Table set
Barbie Bunkbed

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