Back and Biceps Workout to Build Size & Definition (3 SUPERSETS!)

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What’s going on guys! In today’s video, I’m gonna be showing you a back and biceps workout to help build size and definition! It’s only going to be 3 supersets, consisting of 3 back exercises and 3 bicep exercises but will be highly effective upper body workout to build muscle and gain size fast.

🚀Superset #1
– Straight Bar Cable Row – 6 reps
– Straight Bar Curls – 15 reps

🚀Superset #2
– Supinated Lat Pulldowns – 6 reps
– Lean-Back Close Grip Curls – 15 reps

🚀Superset #3
– Double Arm Bent-Over Row – 10 reps
– Double Arm Hammer Curls – 15 reps

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Back and Biceps Workout to Build Size & Definition (3 SUPERSETS!)
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