Attracting A+ Talents – Get the Best Support to Grow Your Home Business

You are building your home-based start-up, and you’re finding success. You need help. So you say to yourself – “If you build it – they will come”…well, not always. The startup you have is making breakthroughs and is poised for growth. You need talent. You may not be ready for putting an employee on the payroll, but you have many other options such as bringing in a freelancer, independent contractor or junior partner. Whatever these business support options, you’ll still need to compete for A+ talent, in a hiring market that is growing tougher each day. Richard “Capt’n” Henderson interviews CEO entrepreneur, Jamie Fitch, on cracking the code to compete for A+ talent; which he has done with his highly successful health care start-up, OnlineMedEd ( Sponsor: Drone Command ( ) * Subscribe to Home Business TV (

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