At Home Business Ideas for Women 2020

At Home Business Ideas for Women 2020

Welp, looks like we are all going to be home a little bit longer than planned and that may have you thinking of what you can do to bring in more money.

This list isn’t like others you may have seen because we aren’t focusing on what easiest, we are looking at what is the most profitable!!

In this video, we are looking at business ideas that you can do from home, reward your existing skills, and keep your overhead low so that you walk away with the most net income.

Vivian Olodun, Author & Marketing Strategist who shares tech tools, techniques, and educational resources to help you speak clearly to your audience using the platforms that mean the most to them. Music from YouTube music library.

Mentioned (in no particular order):

10. Agriculture & Farming
9. Virtual Assistant
8. Designer
7. Wellness Expert
5. Law Firm
5. Financial Services
4. App Development
3. Watch the video to see more and the BONUS!!


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Welcome back, genius!
You’re here because you want
business ideas that you can start at
If you take a look at the wealthiest
people in the world, you’ll find
that most of them are entrepreneurs.
Money is great, but it isn’t a
motivating factor for everyone.
It can have absolutely nothing to do
with why you want to be able to grow
and have a business from home.
It can range from a number of ideas,
a lifestyle change to health issues,
or you discovering that your
quality of life isn’t where you want
to be working engine loss.
My name is Vivian Olodun and I’m
a marketing strategist and author.
I wrote the interactive journal
Stumbling Through Adulthood.
In this video, I’m going to give
you some business ideas that
you can start from home that are
projected to be in high demand
in 2020.
That sounds interesting to you.
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And of course, keep watching
at home.
At Home Businesses are not get rich
quick schemes.
I’m sure you’ve seen ads from gurus
telling you or showing you expensive
houses or checks.
Vacations, cars.
And they may give the impression
that working from home is a fast
track to billions they
aren’t wrong.
But it is misleading.
Because I am me and I believe in
working smarter, not harder.
I’m gonna give you a list of the
most profitable at home
businesses to consider.
Here you go.
Here are my top 10 most profitable
in demand at home business
Ideas for 2020.
Agriculture and farming.
Virtual assistant.
Fitness or wellness expert.
A law firm.
Financial services.
App development.
Creative professional.
Marketing and coaching.
Agriculture and farming.
So if you’re working from home
and you have land, that means that
you can grow things.
You can take care of things.
And you can nurture things.
And you can actually start a
business selling honey, taking care
of livestock, growing vegetables,
fruits, flowers.
There’s a number of different things
that you can do when you have an
agriculture and farming business.
One of the roles that a lot of
people who work from home start with
is a virtual assistant.
Every single one of the different
businesses on this list and
many others are looking to be able
to have remote help,
especially now with the pandemic.
They’re looking for people who are
able to take care of those tasks
that can be,
you know, time consuming or things
that they’re not good at, that you
are exceptionally
good at. And those are things that
you can charge others.
Now, as a virtual assistant, you can
plan to start anywhere from,
you know, anywhere from like fifteen
dollars per hour all the way up to
one hundred and fifty dollars per
hour. Just depends on the specialty
that you offer as a virtual
When I did my research for the most
profitable business ideas for women,
designer and designer related
things were all over the
research and the blogs and in the,
you know, in the Google results.
But having a design
talent can really be helpful
because you can start any number of
This being a designer, thing
applied to designing t-shirts,
Websites, color
clothing, being a fashion
designer, designing interiors
as an interior designer, being a
decorator, designing all kinds
of different things.
You can be a designer and have
a very profitable business
from home.
Fitness and wellness experts really
thrive in the at home business
market because there’s such
a range of different things that you
can offer to your clientele.
Now, this could range from being
a catering type service that
creates specialty
food prep to being
a fitness instructor who works
with people one on one, helping them
and actually helping them to workout
and to work on their nutrition.
Now, all of these things fall under
“wellness”, which also includes
being a psychotherapist or
a counselor.
You can do any of these
specialities and have these
particular businesses right from
the comfort of your own home.
Remember, I said having an at home
business is not a get rich quick
scheme. And if you’re looking for
the most profitable types of
businesses, then you’re looking for
a skills there are
expert level or specialize
in a law firm is exactly that.
You can operate your own law firm
from home and your home office.
And that is a very profitable
You can specialize in any different
areas of law and you’ll
be able to operate from home.
And I bet you’ll be looking for a
virtual assistant pretty quickly.
In the same vein of the specialty
is an expert level service
is financial services, which also
includes being a CPA, an accountant,
a bookkeeper, a financial
adviser. All of these different
types of roles, you can
do them from home.
And you wouldn’t think of a
financial expert as someone who
would work from home.
But it is a very viable job
that can be done from your home
It’s 2020.
You knew that this list was going to
include some kind of technology.
If you are talented and
you know, coding, then that means
that you can be an app developer.
And our development is something
that a lot of businesses are looking
for and it’s something that you can
do from home.
Of course, it’s a very specialized
skill and that is why it
is very profitable.
Creative businesses thrive
as at home services.
Any number of things fall under this
And for the purpose of this video,
I’m talking about photographers,
videographers and writers,
even those who specialize in audio,
because as a photographer, you
can operate a full studio and
services from the comfort of your
home. Videography, I
can tell you right now requires
quite a bit of solitude
and focus to be able to edit
and produce different material
in the, you know, film.
And you can do these things from
home. I myself am an
author. And of course, I wrote my
book right here in
this space in my home office.
And that is something that I do
all of the time as a copywriter
and as a marketing strategist,
building out ideas for my clients
and customers.
And I do quite a bit of writing.
A big bulk of my everyday
is writing materials for my clients
and customer.
So if you have a talent for any
of these things, including,
podcasting or podcasts,
engineering or anything like that,
then you fall under creative
and you can do that from home.
So of course, I had to put my
industry on this list.
Marketing, marketing is a great
job and you can do from home
specifically a social
media manager is a really nice
starting point.
If you’re just stepping into the
marketing field and you want
to be able to work from home,
all businesses, in my opinion,
thrive and need visibility
and therefore they need someone who
enjoys and understands social
media for their business.
And that could be you.
Last but not least on this list is
Coaching is a growing, booming
industry. And a lot of it the
part of it that is very, very
profitable is your ability
to create a learning products
and services.
The e-learning
industry is projected to be
a three hundred and twenty five
billion dollar industry,
and this is perfect for
any number of these professions
that I listed here.
But if you specialize in any kind of
hobby, you know how to play guitar
player piano.
You know how to draw any kind of
specialty thing that you can do.
You can coach people through the
process of doing that as well,
and you can create online services,
online courses to be able to do
that. In fact, my business flourish
media. We have a
service where we helps experts
build their online courses.
We build their courses for them
and so that they can get them into
the marketplace and make money
right away.
If you would like to know more about
that, I’ll put our information
below so that you can schedule a
call with me or send me an e-mail
or reach out or anything like that.
You know, I also have my business
partner created a couple of courses
that help you to be able to do
a number of the things that I’ve
listed here.
And one very special thing,
which is a bonus, a bonus
that I will share with you at the
end. You want to say to the end of
the video so that you can take
advantage of this?
Like I said, at home, businesses
are not get rich quick schemes.
You’re looking to create the most
profitable business and you
can do that through a number of
different skills as a marketing
My favorite.
And the thing that I spend every day
doing is helping my clients and
customers understand that
building a profitable business is
about keeping your expenses low
and being able to use the skills
that you already have to be able
to make good money.
Another part of that is your ability
to. Number one, have a skill.
Having a skill is the thing that
will push you apart.
And having a profitable business
and having a business
that’s not so profitable.
The next thing is the demand in the
And the last thing is your ability
to stay visible.
People can’t buy from you.
They don’t know that you exist.
So any one of these businesses
need to be ready to share your
expertize with others.
As a marketing strategist, I know
that the growth
and the success of your business
depends on your ability to identify
a pain point and to position
yourself as the person who can solve
Offer a solution!
And this is key.
You need to be able to show the
people who are suffering
that you are the right person to
solve the problem.
And you might be looking at those
lives and thinking… But I don’t
how to do any of these things.
Do not get discouraged because
you have a secret ace up
your sleeve. My friend.
You can learn!
Every video.
I call you genius, because if
you’re watching this video, it means
that you have a desire to improve.
Which means that you’re willing to
put in the work.
Take a screenshot.
And tag me on social media, I
am @VivianOlo, and I would
love to be able to give you a shout
out from watching this video.
The fact is, you’re willing to put
into the work, to learn and to
grow so that you’re able to have
a profitable at home business.
And that’s worth something.
Thanks so much for watching.
I hope you found this information
below in the description.
I have a link to my private Facebook
group, “FMC,
where women do business” is free to
join and we share resources
and moral support on our
entrepreneurial journey.
Since you’ve made it this far in the
video, I think you deserve a reward.
I’d like to give you my free social
media guide that you can download
and put to work in your business
right away.
And if you’d like to have my
critical eye on your business
idea, then you can set up a
one time advisory call
with me.
I put the link down in the
description box.
This was super fun to make.
And I hope that you’ll be able to
take this information and put it to
work right away in your life,
your lifestyle and in your business.
Again, I want to invite you to be a
part of our private Facebook group.
Doesn’t cost anything at all.
And I hope that you can put to use
those downloadable.
You are
excellent. You are a genius.
You have so much potential.
And I’m excited for the next steps
are going to happen in your
Thank you so much for watching.
And I will see you next time.
Are you still here that you will
enjoy these other video!
Go ahead and click on these and
put them to work in your business
as well. It’s always fun creating
content for you off.
And if there’s some other videos
that you’d like to see for me or
questions that you have about having
an at home business visit, put it
in the comments.
I would love to start conversations.
Thanks for watching.

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