ARMS WORKOUT FOR WOMEN! (Biceps & Triceps Workout)


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1. Dumbbell curls with static hold
Curl with one arm, hold the other one still to get som static training

2. Triceps push-back
with one arm at a time, in the cable cross / machine

3. The 21 curl
7 reps times 3 different motions, as shown in the video.

4. Triangle push-ups
Place your hands like a triangle on the floor and then do push-ups. This will for sure make you get better contact with your triceps.

5. W-Curls
Remember to keep your elbows tight and close to your body through the whole exercise. We want the biceps to be working not the rest of the body.

6. Standing triceps extensions
We do this with a rope in the cable cross / machine

7. Spider-curls on a bench
We do this with two dumbbells. Remember to also in this exercise work with your biceps, which means you will only move your forearms and not your upper arms.

8. Incline overhead press
With dumbbells. Same thing as with the previous exercise!

9. Face curls with rope
In the cable cross / machine. Remember as well in this exercise to only move your forearms.

10. Sitting triceps pushdown. On a bench in the cable machine.

11. Isolated knee-curl
Sitting on the floor, with a rope

I think all these exercises are great for finding the contact with your biceps or triceps. Hopefully you find them useful and can mix some of the exercises in to your own schedule, or even just use this workout for your next arms session. I hope I could inspire you with some new exercises and tricks! Now, lets grow our arms together, it’s time to get bigger and stronger!
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Here is my 11 favorite arm exercises, biceps and triceps.
We will start with a dumbell curl with a static hold. Curl with one hand and hold still and static with the other
Second exercise is a ticeps pushback in the cable machine. We’ll do one arm at a time.
The third is something called the 21 curl. It’s a exercise done by 7 curl reps done in 3 different motions
See the video for the three different range of motions.
The fourth exercise is triangle pushups. Place your hands in a triangle on the floor.
This, in my opinion, gives a better contact with your triceps.
The fifth exercise is W-curls. Remember to keep your elbows tight and close to your body.
Number six is standing triceps extensions. We’ll do this with a rope in the cable cross / machine.
the seventh exercise is spidercurls on a bench. We’re going to do this with dumbbells.
Remember to keep your arms still and steady throughout the exercise.
Number eight is incline overhead presses with dumbbells. Same rule applies here,
keep your upper arms still and steady.
Ninth exercise is face curls with a rope in the cable cross machine. Keep upper arms still once again.
Number ten is a sitting triceps push-downs, with rope in the cable cross.
Last but not least is the isolated knee-curl. Sitting on the floor with a rope.
I hope you found some new exercises for your biceps and triceps.
I think all of these are great for good contact in your muscles.
Hopefully you can make your arms grow bigger now!

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