A gentics professor clones his wife after she dies in a fire but the woman he creates is different than the woman he loved, so he tries over and over, in a desperate attempt to get her back exactly as she was.
Dawn, there was a fire.
And you were trapped.
And you died.
These ashes are all
that’s left of you.
That’s not true.
[man] It is true.
You were burned alive.
-[Dawn] Why are you lying to me?
-I’m not lying.
-I know this must be scary,
but I brought you back.
-No, no!
Everything I’ve done is because
I love you so much!
-Dawn! Dawn!
-[Dawn screams]
[body hits floor]
♪ The sun will rise ♪
♪ And set with you ♪
♪ Again tomorrow
is nothing new ♪
♪ You’re the one
that you have to be ♪
♪ ‘Cause you were made
for me ♪
♪ My love is deep ♪
♪ It’s blind and true ♪
♪ I will do anything for you ♪
♪ You’re the only fish
inside my sea ♪
♪ Yeah, you were made
for me ♪
[case clicks shut]
-♪ My day starts ♪
♪ When you’re awake ♪
♪ I live and die
with each breath you take ♪
♪ I can love
but I can’t set you free ♪
♪ Yeah, you were made for me ♪
♪ You were made for ♪
♪ You were
made for ♪
♪ You were made for ♪
♪ You were
made for ♪
♪ You’re the branch
and I’m the leaf ♪
♪ Yeah, you were made
for me ♪
♪ There’s nothing
I wouldn’t say ♪
♪ There’s nothing I
wouldn’t do ♪
♪ There’s no way
I wouldn’t go ♪
♪ If it means I get to be ♪
♪ With ♪
♪ You-ou-ou ♪
♪ You are one of a kind ♪
♪ Just my luck
that the stars align ♪
♪ I’ve got to solve
this mystery ♪
♪ Why you were made for me ♪
Hey, D, are you up?
[groans] I am now.
I made your favorite.
-What did I do to deserve this?
-Just for you being you.
Mmm, so good.
So, there’s something I need
to ask you.
-Give me a minute.
-Where are you going?
-I’ve gotta pee.
-Can’t you hold it?
-It’s easier to hold a thought.
-Not this one.
I’m coming back, I promise.
Dawn, I…
I know that you believe
in destiny.
But I think we have control
and that’s what makes us
so perfect together.
I can’t hear you.
-Can I just come in?
-If it can’t wait.
It can’t.
[Dawn] OK.
I want us to start
the rest of our lives together
right now.
I love you
more than life itself.
Will you marry me?
Not another woman would say
yes to you right now.
It’s a good thing
I’m asking you.
So, how did he propose?
[door clangs]
This door!
[Dawn] It was spontaneous
and intimate.
-It was definitely intimate.
-And sweet.
And creepy.
Oh, are you saying
my fiancé’s creepy?
He’s a little creepy.
Come on.
Any romantic gesture can be
either sweet or creepy.
It just depends on how you feel
about the guy who’s doing it.
Think about it:
a heart-felt poem…
flowers on your doorstep,
a foot rub.
I don’t want anyone
touching my feet.
OK, so it wasn’t
my dream proposal.
He didn’t bring me
into a bouncy house.
Your dream proposal’s
in a bouncy house?
Yeah. He brings me inside
and he says,
“When I’m with you,
I’m walking on air.”
You’re right: if the wrong guy
brought me into a bouncy house,
that would freak
the living shit out of me.
Like an artist molds a vase,
we could shape undifferentiated
embryonic cells into cartilage,
and skin, and brain tissue.
We could treat diseases
like Alzheimer’s
and Parkinson’s.
We could replace limbs
and organs.
I know people hear “cloning”
and think it devalues life,
but no, the reason to do this
is because we hold life
in such high regard.
Any questions?
I swear, college
is the only business
where the customer tries to get
as little as possible
for their money.
-[girl] Excuse me,
Professor Slope.
-I love your class.
-Well, you know what they say,
if you can reach
just one student, you should
probably stick to research.
Your work with somatic cell
nuclear transplantation,
it’s why I came to Andover.
You wouldn’t happen
to need a lab assistant?
I’d do anything.
Take out the trash,
clean the beakers.
Make coffee.
Thank you, but I have
everyone I need.
Do you take Adam…
to have and to hold,
in sickness and in health…
till death do you part?
-I do.
-Adam, do you take Dawn
to have and to hold,
in sickness and in health,
till death do you part?
-This is so morbid.
-I know.
But what if something
happened to me?
The last thing
I’d want is money.
Dawn, if I’m not around
to take care of you anymore,
I want to be able
to still take care of you.
-You do?
-I do.
-I love you, love you, love you.
-I love you, too.
-[clears throat]
[man] So would you like
to purchase the term,
the whole or universal?
All I know is,
if anything happens to me,
this one’s gonna need
a lot more help than I will.
Well, then we’ll have
to make sure
we take care of him, too.
You just gotta go
with the flow.
If you force it,
it all falls apart.
That’s what’s so great
about working with glass.
If you tried a million times,
you could never make
two pieces the exact same.
I was talking about
being married.
OK, buddy.
[electronic humming]
[phone rings]
-Bye. Hey, babe.
-[Adam] I hope you’re hungry
’cause I’m cooking you dinner.
Yeah? What you making?
Your favorite.
-Oh, I love my favorite.
-[Adam] Well, I love you.
-[gate clangs shut]
-[Dawn] What time
you want me home?
[Officer 1]
Professor Slope?
-You married to a Dawn Slope?
I am.
There’s been an accident.
[minister] We rejoice
in our sufferings,
knowing that suffering
produces endurance.
And endurance produces
And character produces hope.
And hope will never
put us to shame.
And now we’re going
to have a few words
from Dawn’s husband, Adam.
The first time I saw her
was at an art fair.
She was hidden
behind a row of vases.
But in the little space between,
I caught a glimpse
of this…
this perfect smile.
I couldn’t get it
out of my mind.
For weeks…
all I thought about
was this smile.
So I went back
and there she was…
in the same spot,
hidden behind a vase.
So I bought the one
that was blocking my view.
Adam, I am so sorry
for your loss.
-[man 2] This is it?
-I know.
One minute you’re here,
and the next, poof, you’re gone.
I meant the food.
You’d think they’d at least
put out some cold cuts.
-Dawn was a vegetarian.
-She wasn’t in high school.
You knew her in high school?
We went to prom together.
She was “the one that got away.”
I’m her best friend.
I mean, I was.
Just because you can
no longer touch her,
that does not mean
you can no longer feel her.
Poor guy, I know
exactly how he feels.
-I can’t believe it.
-I know.
No, everyone consoles
the husband, but nobody
thinks to console me?
I think it’s way harder to lose
a best friend than a spouse.
Sylvia Plath said
that dying is an art.
And Kafka said the meaning
of life is that it stops.
I just wish I could
say goodbye to her.
We all do.
Well, if you’re patient,
you can say hello to her
in heaven.
I’d like to believe that.
Then believe it.
[line ringing]
[Dawn] Hey, it’s me.
I’m busy playing with fire.
Do you take Adam
to have and to hold,
in sickness and in health,
till death do you part?
I do.
And, Adam, do you take Dawn
to have and to hold,
in sickness and in health,
till death do you part?
[Adam] I do.
Well, then I now pronounce you
husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
[Dawn giggles]
I don’t want the money.
Why not?
You wouldn’t understand.
You think if you fill out
the form, it’s accepting
that she’s gone.
It’s very common.
You’re in denial.
-I’m not in denial.
-OK, we’ve transitioned
to anger.
That’s progress.
[computer chirps]
[car alarm chirps]
[Adam] The problem
is growth rate.
Let’s say we have a patient
with acute liver failure.
How do we grow a new
fully developed liver
in, I don’t know,
three, four months?
Infect the tissue
with Werner syndrome.
Emma, is it?
Would you still like to be
my lab assistant?
More than anything.
Class dismissed.
We have to shorten
the telomeres.
-Very good.
-And then stimulate
the endocrine system.
-Excellent, Emma.
-Then we should increase
the somatotropin level.
[Adam] While simultaneously
manipulating her thyroid,
parathyroid, and ovaries.
[Emma] Her ovaries?
OK. Before we get started,
there’s something
you need to know.
The work that we’re going
to be doing is,
how shall I put this,
ethically ambiguous.
I don’t have a problem
with that.
-On the road to progress.
-Ethics are like broken glass.
Let’s get to work.
[Emma] Whoo!
Professor Slope?
You’re not thinking
what I think you’re thinking?
[Adam] My wife died
way too soon.
Professor Slope, this isn’t
ethically ambiguous.
This is completely unethical,
and absolutely immoral,
and not to mention
totally illegal.
Professor, your wife,
she’s gone.
No, not completely.
-Excuse me.
You’re gonna lose your job.
Your credibility.
You’re gonna become a pariah.
I don’t care what
happens to me, but you…
You should go.
-Just go.
We have to make sure…
she has enough protein.
It’s in the medicine cabinet.
Got it.
What’s Euthanease?
[Adam] That’s what we use
when an experiment doesn’t work.
[Emma] Do you have
to use it a lot?
-Just grab the other bottle.
Thank you.
Don’t you think you sped her up
a little bit too much?
[Adam] Why?
Her growing pains are torture.
It’s like a medieval rack
except she’s stretching
from the inside.
You know what would be great,
if you just stopped talking.
[computer chirps]
Welcome back.
You know she can’t
understand you.
You’re going to have
to teach her everything.
How to walk, talk,
tie her shoes.
-I know.
-Go to the bathroom.
-I know.
-Do you?
Just get the door.
[car alarm chirps]
You didn’t normalize
her growth, did you?
I didn’t think about that.
You didn’t think about that?
You speed her up, obviously
you’re gonna have to
slow her back down.
We were supposed
to grow old together.
Should I go get
the Euthanease?
No. Just let it happen
At least she’s not
suffering anymore.
What do we do with her?
[gas hissing]
[Adam] She was a glass blower.
It’s how she died.
It’ll get easier with time.
What if I don’t want it to?
[bell tolls]
[Adam] I think I figured out
a way to slow it down.
We should test it first.
Why don’t you do it?
[mouse squeaks]
[slides petri dish]
-What happened?
-You took the sample
from the clone?
You can’t clone a clone
from a clone.
It’s too unstable.
[Emma] I didn’t know.
[Adam] It’s OK.
It’s how we learn.
Did it work?
[Adam] No.
It’s like making pancakes.
Some people are afraid
cloning will devalue life.
Just figure out
what we’re doing wrong.
You know, besides the obvious.
Got a red flag here.
Can you nutshell it?
College professor purchases
a one-million-dollar
term life on his wife.
Artist, low income.
A few weeks later, she dies.
And this is the best part:
it’s in a fire.
Are we gonna have to pay?
Over my dead body.
It worked.
[Emma] Remember
the growing pains.
You can’t just make her
into an adult immediately.
[Adam] I can’t wait 18 years.
[Emma] We’re going to have to
find a middle ground, then.
[Adam] How about we make her
fully grown in three months?
Hey, Dawn, look at this.
We’re home.
[car alarm chirps]
♪ What if I, what if you ♪
♪ Met one day
and we just knew ♪
♪ It was all
just meant to be? ♪
♪ What if we, I suppose ♪
♪ Become us
and then who knows ♪
♪ It is so, so plain to see ♪
♪ Maybe I’m right ♪
[baby babbling]
OK, who’s this?
Very good.
Who’s this?
No. Adam.
[girl] Dawn.
♪ What if we fall in love ♪
♪ What if we’re the ones
who rise above ♪
♪ I will give it all
I will loose my soul ♪
♪ You won’t understand
I’ll lose control ♪
♪ Maybe we don’t fall
in love ♪
♪ Maybe we fall in love ♪
♪ What if we fall in love ♪
♪ What if we fall ♪
♪ What if we fall? ♪
[Adam] That is amazing!
[Young Dawn] Thank you.
[Adam] I’m gonna
hang this up, OK?
A masterpiece.
Ready for pancakes?
[Young Dawn] Yeah.
[Young Dawn]
They’re really good.
-[Young Dawn] Yep.
OK, go brush your teeth.
[Young Dawn shrieks]
It just fell out.
It’s completely normal.
-Does it happen to you?
[Young Dawn] Why not?
Because I’m… a man,
and you’re a woman.
It is my job to protect you.
The world is
a very dangerous place.
I wouldn’t want anything
to hurt you.
There! You see
how pretty you look?
Are you attracted to her?
-I love her.
-That’s not what I asked.
No. But it has nothing
to do with her teeth.
Well, that’s actually
a good thing.
-Why is that a good thing?
-Think about it.
How can it possibly be
a good thing?
-How’s Adam?
-I don’t know.
I haven’t seen him
in a few months.
I just hope he’s OK.
-I don’t want ’em.
-But you love pancakes.
-No, I don’t.
-Yes, you do.
-I’m sick of them.
-Just… eat the pancakes.
-Then go to your room!
And don’t forget
to brush your teeth!
[line rings]
She’s not my wife,
she’s my daughter.
Congratulations, Daddy.
-Thank you.
-What do you expect?
You raised her,
you fed her, you taught her
everything she knows.
So I’m actually having
a normal, appropriate reaction?
Yeah, to an abnormal,
inappropriate situation.
[Rebecca] Thank you.
[Harold] Don’t you think
we should call first?
[Rebecca] I think it will all be
a very pleasant surprise.
I think we should call.
[Rebecca] If we call,
he’ll just say he’s fine
and that he’s busy
and that we shouldn’t come over.
That’s why we should call.
[Rebecca] That’s why
we shouldn’t call.
[soft knock on door]
[Dawn] Hmm?
I’m sorry I got upset with you.
Sorry I hate pancakes.
It’s OK.
Who’s she?
[Adam] I thought it was you.
I thought so, too,
but it’s not.
Why do you say that?
‘Cause we have different smiles.
there’s something that
I need to give you.
What’s that?
-It’s medicine.
-What’s medicine?
It’s good for you.
-How can that be good for me?
-Trust me, it is.
-Is it gonna hurt?
-Just for a second
and then it will go away,
I promise.
Like when you pierced my ears?
OK, that’s it.
What’s wrong with me?
You’re lying.
Why do you say that?
‘Cause I bleed
and my teeth fall out
and I keep getting
bigger and bigger
and you stay
the exact same size.
It’ll be easier if I show you.
Got the soup?
[Harold] I got the soup.
-[knocking at door]
-[Rebecca] Adam?
[Rebecca] I know he’s here.
His car’s here.
I told ya we should have called.
[Rebecca] Adam! I’m just
gonna check in the back.
[Adam] Dawn.
There was a fire.
-And you were trapped.
-That’s not true.
[Rebeca] Watch out
for the camellias.
-[Dawn, muffled voice] No!
-[Rebecca gasps]
-Rebecca, what’s the matter?
-What’s the matter? Honey?
-Please, take me home now!
OK, OK. What happened?
I know this must be scary,
but I brought you back.
-Everything I’ve done is because
I love you so much!
-Dawn! Dawn!
-[Dawn screams]
[body hits floor]
What do you want me
to do with the soup?
[Rebecca] I don’t give a goddamn
what you do with the soup!
All right.
-[Rebecca] Harold, take me home!
-[Harold] OK!
Tell me, what happened?
[minister] And, Adam,
do you take Dawn
to have and to hold,
in sickness and in health,
till death do you part?
[Adam] I do.
[minister] Well, then I now
pronounce you husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
Ladies and gentlemen,
may I present you
Doctor and Mrs. Slope.
May God bless you.
The most basic method
of scientific problem solving
is trial and error.
Any questions?
I’m not Dawn.
Any dreams?
Yeah. I had a dream
where I cloned my wife.
OK. This is
the bargaining phase.
Great, tell me what happened.
In the dream?
Yes. In the dream.
She wasn’t the same.
Well, your subconscious
is smart enough to know
that genetics is just
a small part of what
makes us who we are.
And what’s the other part?
Our experiences.
The only way she’d be
the same person
is if you raised her exactly
the same way her parents did.
How old was she
when she got braces?
-I never thought
she needed them.
She’d have been beautiful
either way.
I agree.
When was this?
That’s when she moved
away from home.
I thought that would be
the toughest day of my life.
Children aren’t supposed to die
before their parents.
It’s against nature.
She’s in a better place now.
Oh, you keep saying that,
but I’m not buying it,
excuse me.
She’s having a rough time.
Yeah, we all are.
I guess God just couldn’t
wait to have her back.
What if I told you
we could have her back?
That’s something
I can’t even think about.
It’s something I can’t
stop thinking about.
Harold, I could bring her back.
I could clone her.
If you and Rebecca raised her
the exact same way,
we can have her back.
And she’s a vegetarian,
pancakes are her favorite.
-Are you a vegetarian?
-What difference does that make?
I’m just asking.
[Adam] Yes.
-Because of her?
-No, it’s just easier.
If a guy told me
I couldn’t have lobster–
She never said that
I couldn’t have lob–
Can we get back to work?
Is that what
you’re calling this?
[Adam] Her brain develops
at the same rate as her growth,
so she learns extremely fast,
so it’s very important that you
make every experience as
authentic as possible for her.
You want me to raise her?
Well, clearly, I can’t do it.
No, you just asked me
to write the list.
-Emma, it’s a few months!
-This is too much!
It’s too much!
I’m sorry, you’re right,
you’re right, you’re right!
-I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
-[chairs rattle]
-It’s too much.
-[computer chirping]
I ought to be getting
extra credit for this.
[Emma giggles]
Dear Lord, what am I doing?
He needs to take
a sabbatical.
Uh, it’s time
to get off, OK?
[Young Dawn] No.
He needs to get drunk,
like sorority girl drunk.
Open wide.
He needs to get laid.
This is Adam.
Did you give her a nose ring?
She did it herself.
She’s all yours now.
Please don’t go.
I have to, you’re gonna
live here now.
I don’t wanna live here,
I wanna live with you.
You can’t.
Why? You don’t
want me anymore?
It’s not that I don’t want you.
A little help here, please?
Dawn, why don’t you come inside?
You’re gonna love it here,
I promise.
It’s okay. This is where
you’re supposed to be.
-It’s all right.
-I have to go.
-No! No!
-It’s OK, it’s OK.
It’s OK.
All righty.
Hmm, I promise, this will
only hurt for a minute.
It won’t last forever.
And why don’t we get rid
of that nose ring, too,
all right?
-I made you your favorite.
-It’s not my favorite.
-Trust me, it’s your favorite.
-How do you know?
Because I know you better
than you know yourself.
If you don’t let her
be herself, she won’t be.
Careful, it’s hot.
-And dangerous.
-I don’t want it
to blow up in your face.
-OK, I get it.
-I would just hate
for you to hurt yourself.
Then why are you
making me do this?
[Adam] Like an artist
molds a vase,
we could shape undifferentiated
embryonic cells into skin,
cartilage, blood tissue.
We could treat diseases
like Alzheimer’s
and Parkinson’s.
We could replace limbs
and body parts.
I know people hear
“cloning” and think,
oh, it devalues life,
but no, the reason to do this
is because we hold life
in such high regard.
[case clicks shut]
[Dawn] Stop it!
You’re up.
I am now.
Dawn, I know that you
believe in destiny.
And I think that–
Wh-what’s destiny?
Destiny is something
that’s bigger than you
and just takes control
and makes something happen.
Yeah, I totally believe in that.
So, I think… Dawn?
-Just give me a minute.
-This kind of can’t wait.
[door slams]
-[glass shatters]
-[door creaks open]
Who is she?
That’s you.
No. No, it’s not.
You don’t treat me like that.
[Adam] Don’t! Don’t touch it,
that’s broken glass.
It’s very dangerous,
you could really hurt yourself
and… you could die.
I don’t care.
Dawn, don’t say that.
Come here.
Sit down. Please.
There’s something I need
to tell you.
I love you
more than life itself.
You are the most important thing
in the world to me.
We belong together.
Marry me.
I’m not gonna
waste my life away
for someone I didn’t
even want in the first place.
So you’re saying she can’t
move back in with you?
-Absolutely not.
-Well, she can’t stay here.
-I’m not taking her.
-Please, just take her back.
I just thought because
you’re the one who raised her.
Oh, you can’t put that on me.
[Dawn screams]
What was that?
Dawn, are you in there?
Open the door.
Here, let me try.
Hey, Dawn?
Hey, honey, I’m gonna
come in, OK?
[gasp] Oh, my God!
I’m so sorry.
That’s OK.
But I should probably get
someone else to raise
the next one.
The next one?
Hey, Camille.
What are you doing here?
[Adam] How would you like
your best friend back?
-That’s not funny.
-It’s not a joke.
You know, I always thought
you were a little weird,
maybe even a little creepy,
but Dawn loved you.
And you loved her,
so I had to forgive you.
But if this is your idea
of a joke, I swear to God
I will rip your dick off.
-[Camille] This is a baby.
-She’ll be fully grown
in four months.
I will rip your dick
right off.
If you do everything
on this list, it’ll be Dawn.
OK, if I do this, you have to
promise me something.
[Adam] Anything.
When you propose to her,
can you do it like
a normal human being?
Take her to a bouncy house
and tell her,
“When I’m with you,
I’m walking on air.”
Everything has to be
the exact same.
Or it won’t be her.
[baby coos]
Well, just so you know,
you’re missing something
pretty major here.
[blues ballad playing]
♪ I saved myself ♪
♪ And waited for you
on the shore ♪
-[Wyatt] Let’s get out of here.
♪ I didn’t think
you’d hold your breath ♪
♪ That long ♪
-♪ Yesterday was… ♪
-[ringtone chimes]
[Adam] Hello?
We have a little problem.
-[door slams]
-♪ Yesterday’s gone ♪
[knocking on door]
[Wyatt] Hello?
She doesn’t belong to you.
So, what, you think
she belongs to you?
As a matter of fact, I do.
Dawn, someone wants
to see you.
-He thinks you belong to him.
I belong to you, baby.
Send her to prom?
What the fuck was I thinking?
Well, if she’s
anything like herself,
she won’t stay with him.
And if she stays with him,
then she’s not like herself.
You’re just gonna
have to wait and see.
[Adam] Damn it!
Why are you doing this
to yourself?
Because… I love her.
OK, then why are you
doing this to her?
Let’s just go over the questions
for the test tomorrow.
All right?
Question one.
What is the difference between
therapeutic cloning
and reproductive cloning?
Professor Slope,
you have to wait!
I can’t.
There can’t be two different
versions of the same person.
-What if they see each other?
Do you have any idea
how upsetting that’d be?
[romantic pop music playing]
[whispering] Do you have
another pen?
[student] No, I don’t.
My pen died.
-That sucks.
-Do you have another one?
-I only have one.
-What is going on here?
-Don’t give me “nothing.”
You cheated; I trusted you
and you cheated!
My pen died.
-You know she’s not
your wife, right?
-Yes, she is.
I’m not talking
about Dawn right now.
I’m talking about
the poor girl that you
just yelled at in class.
Professor Slope,
you have to control yourself.
You have no idea what it’s like
to lose someone you love.
[Emma] Yes, I do.
I know exactly what it’s like.
Sorry I got so upset.
Wanna tell me what happened?
My Dad needed
a heart transplant.
But he was really low
on the list.
So every night before bed,
I’d pray for motorcycle
accidents and car crashes,
because for my dad to live,
157 people with
type A blood had to die.
I’m sorry, I…
I didn’t know.
Because of your work,
people like my dad
don’t have to die anymore.
What about you?
Your parents,
are they still alive?
I grew up in an orphanage.
[Emma] Sometimes I think about
if my dad didn’t die…
who knows what I’d be doing.
Probably majoring
in French poetry
or fashion design.
Losing someone you love…
changes you.
I’m getting her back.
Do you know the difference
between the brain activity
of someone in love
and someone with extreme OCD?
[knock on door]
Look, man, I’m gonna
call the cops.
Go ahead, call them.
They’ll just take her away.
They’ll send her to a lab,
they’ll run a bunch of tests.
-Is that what you want?
Do you see how fast
she’s aging? She is sick.
-Is it that bad?
-Yeah, it’s that bad.
But I can help her.
You don’t eat meat.
-[Dawn] I don’t?
-Why not?
-Because it’s murder.
You can’t kill something
that’s already dead.
Can we please just tell her
what you told me?
Yeah, fine.
Dawn… very soon,
you’re going to die.
Because I eat meat?
No, sweetie,
not ’cause you eat meat.
You have a disease
called Werner syndrome.
It makes you age faster
than normal people.
But I’m a very special doctor
and I could fix it.
If you come with me, you could
live a long and happy life.
If I only have a minute,
I’d rather spend it with you.
Oh, baby.
-You have to go with him.
-[Dawn] No.
[Wyatt] Yes. You’re sick
and you need to get better.
If that means me losing you…
Oh, baby, I don’t
wanna leave you.
Please, can you help us?
[car alarm chirps]
What are you doing?
Taking care of her.
So I need to warn you,
there is a chance
this may not work.
What kind of a chance?
Oh, 50-50.
-It’s like a
coin flip, baby.
[Wyatt] Look, there’s
a really good chance
that we’re gonna be spending
a long time together.
-Is it gonna hurt?
-[Adam] Just for a second.
And then it’ll go away.
[Dawn] Thank you.
[Wyatt] Is she all right?
[exhales deeply]
I’m sorry for your loss.
-What did you do?
-She was already dead.
No, she wasn’t.
You’re losing control.
You said there couldn’t
be more than one.
-So you killed her?
-What was I supposed to do?
-Let her go?
This is insanity.
Look at you, you’re doing
the same thing over
and over and over!
No, I’m not, I am
changing her environment;
it’s different every time.
Genetics are the control.
Upbringing is the variable.
You could do this
a million times
and it’s not gonna
bring her back.
Your wife… she’s gone.
Why can’t you see…
this isn’t meant to be?
I don’t believe that.
You’re not gonna stop.
You’re never gonna stop,
are you?
Emma, please,
let’s get back to work.
Work? I would love
to get back to work.
Work saves thousands,
millions of lives.
But I don’t care about them.
Right, I can’t do this anymore.
You know, maybe I’m
the crazy one…
’cause I had pity for Dawn,
or maybe I was just jealous.
But I felt bad for you.
I thought you were
this great guy who just
loved his wife so much.
And I thought…
God, it would be so nice
if someone could love me
like that.
But that great guy…
he’s gone, too.
And I’m just this…
pile of broken glass.
Goodbye, Adam.
It was selfish.
I’m sorry
I dragged you into it.
Don’t be.
Just getting to have
a little more time with her,
to me… it was worth it.
♪ Yes, I know that
you’re married ♪
♪ But I thought that will
end in divorce ♪
♪ And I can be patient ♪
♪ As your relationship
runs its course ♪
♪ And you can call me
the crowbar… ♪
You need to explore
your sexuality.
It is good, it is healthy.
♪ My head is weaker
than my heart ♪
♪ My heart ♪
♪ You know I love you… ♪
[Huan] A moment of weakness,
and now I’m responsible
for another human being’s life,
and I did not even get
to have sex.
-Thank you.
-You’re welcome.
♪ It would be a shame if you
don’t feel the same… ♪
What are you doing?
-[Dawn kicks]
-[Adam groans]
[Adam, hoarsely] Nothing.
[baby crying]
So even at the peak
of the Underground Railroad,
less than a thousand slaves
were able to escape per year.
-[Dawn whimpering]
-[Adam] It’s all right.
-[Adam] Shhh!
-[muffled screaming]
Just let me know if you see
anyone that you want.
I will, thanks.
-It’s mine.
-Get your hands off!
-It’s mine! Stop it!
-It’s mine!
-[girl] No!
-Stop it!
-You stop it!
-You stop it!
-Ha ha!
-[Emma] I want him.
I have to warn you,
he’s a very special boy.
-Yes, he is.
-[clone] It’s mine!
-It’s mine!
-No, it’s mine!
Ohhh! Cool.
Come on, we gotta
get you home, come on.
Professor Slope!
Professor Slope,
we need to talk!
Oh, hi, mister.
What’s your name?
You don’t remember me,
do you, Professor Slope?
Who’s Professor Slope?
Look, I don’t know what
kind of game you’re playing…
-I really like games.
-We have to go. Sorry.
-[clone] Race ya!
-OK, no, no, no, come on!
Please work.
It’s called a rough draft
for a reason.
You can always go back
and edit it as much as you want.
It’s like what Hemingway said:
“Write drunk and edit sober.”
So tonight I want you guys
to get drunk.
You stick me with needles,
lock me in the house,
and now you have
the gall to propose
to me while I’m peeing?
What the hell is
wrong with you?
[liquid pours]
[Adam] Like an artist
molds a vase, we could shape
embryonic cells
into cartilage,
skin, brain tissue.
We could treat diseases
like Alzheimer’s
and Parkinson’s.
We could replace limbs
and organs.
I know people hear “cloning”
and think we’re devaluing life,
but no, the reason to do this
is because we hold life
in such high regard.
-Any questions?
-Professor Slope?
No? I swear, college
is the only business
where the customer tries to get
as little as possible
for their money.
Class dismissed.
-Professor Slope?
-[Adam] Yes.
Do you mind if I ask you
a few questions?
Is it about the insurance money?
Because I really don’t care
about the insurance money.
Now he remembers me.
[computer chirping]
[Adam] I just didn’t think
it would be this hard.
You’re in depression.
It’s exactly how you’re
supposed to feel right now.
[Trout] You realize
your son-in-law
took out a million-dollar
life insurance policy
on your daughter,
just before she died?
What are you suggesting?
You tell me.
Mr. Trout, do you
believe in ghosts?
-Why do you ask?
-Well, I could have
sworn that I saw her,
when we were there,
at their house, in the window.
Is that right?
Her spirit, I’m afraid
that it’s trapped there.
-You sick son of a bitch.
-I’m sorry.
-I want to see her.
Please, Dawn is in heaven.
Whatever he’s made
will not be your daughter.
-Where is she?
-She’s gone.
-It didn’t work.
So, go do it again.
I tried, over and over
and over again.
-Oh, God.
-Every time, she came back
a completely different
human being: depressed,
angry, spoiled, scared.
Yeah, that sounds like Dawn
to me, Adam, please!
-It’s wrong.
We have a chance
to get our little girl back
and you don’t wanna take it?
[Harold] Well, we may all
be going to hell,
but I think I found something
that’s gonna get us out.
[computer chirps]
[Rebecca gasps]
Oh, hello, hello, hello!
So you have to do everything
the exact same way
you did it before,
or else it won’t be her.
-Oh, of course.
-Oh, we will.
So, just let me know
when she’s herself again.
Oh, absolutely.
Harold, something
you want to say?
-[baby cooing]
-Thank you for giving us
back our little girl.
-[Rebecca laughs]
-You’re welcome.
[baby cooing]
Yes, you recognize
where you are, don’t you?
-[baby] Daa daa!
-Yeah! Daa daa daa!
Daa daa!
It’s been four years
I’m working this case.
Mr. Trout.
What are you doing in my house?
Your mother-in-law tells me
she saw a ghost,
but she didn’t really see
a ghost, now, did she?
You faked your wife’s death
for the insurance money.
Then you fall for that little
assistant of yours.
The wife gets jealous,
threatens to come clean.
So you kill her for real.
Now, since she’s already dead,
no one would ever know.
Perfect crime.
-That’s not exactly–
-Save it for the judge.
I’ve seen a lot of sick bastards
in my life, but you…
I think you should
offer me a drink.
You want a drink?
I thought you’d never ask.
I’m going to approve the claim,
and you’re going to give
the money to me.
Your freedom…
for a cool million.
You want the money?
You can keep the money.
Turns out he doesn’t care
about the money.
[line ringing]
-[man] First Light Insurance.
-Yeah, this is Trout.
Listen, I finished my
investigation of the Slope case,
and everything’s
on the up and up.
-[man] So time to move on?
Pleasure doing business
with you.
What? You wanted to toast?
You know what?
Forget it.
You know, there’s just one
thing that for the life of me
I can’t figure out.
And what’s that?
The little girls.
They look just like your wife
but you didn’t have any kids.
Who are they?
Do you really wanna know?
I’m dying.
[siren wails]
[Trout moaning softly]
[siren stops]
Officers, there’s a guy
over there.
I don’t know
what’s wrong with him.
He’s just kind of
mumbling to himself.
[officer] All right.
What you doing, buddy?
I think he’s drunk.
I found his wallet.
[Adam] Hi, I’m Adam.
Oh. [giggles]
And remember, honey, you can
come home whenever you want.
-Thanks, Dad.
I love you.
I love you, love you,
love you.
-I can’t believe you made that.
-I did, I did, I did.
Do you have any idea
how much I love you?
Y-You’re in love with me?
More than life itself.
I’m sorry, Adam,
I’m not in love with you.
Yes, you are.
-No, I’m not.
I know you better
than you know yourself.
How could you possibly?
It’ll be easier
if I show you.
Come on!
-This is the exact same…
-It is.
-Who made this?
-You made it.
-No, I didn’t.
-You did.
You made it in a previous life.
What are you talking about?
Dawn, you died,
and I brought you back.
-Yes. Everything
I’ve done, Dawn,
I’ve done because
I love you.
-No, please, just get away.
[Adam] Dawn!
Who is that?
-That’s you.
-No, him.
That’s me.
That’s what I thought
at first, but it’s not.
You’re different.
I wanna go home.
You are home.
I keep thinking about
all the things I could
have done differently.
You can’t keep
beating yourself up.
I just…
I can’t live without her.
Well, you can’t live with her.
You’re right.
I need to let her go.
It’s time to go home.
♪ Let me in ♪
♪ If you, we both will win ♪
♪ I tried to rescue you ♪
♪ Because I needed to ♪
♪ You try so hard to be ♪
♪ My knotting baggy
faded jeans ♪
♪ Let me go ♪
♪ Why won’t you let me know ♪
♪ And you came back again ♪
♪ Crawling into my skin ♪
♪ And it’s so plain to see ♪
♪ That you were
all but killing me ♪
♪ I wanna be ♪
♪ Just let me be ♪
♪ I’m gonna be the one ♪
♪ The one who got away ♪
♪ So you ♪
♪ Won’t know ♪
♪ What’s become of you ♪
♪ Won’t know what’s
become of you ♪
♪ Won’t know
what’s become of me ♪
♪ Become of me ♪
♪ Become of me, become of me ♪
♪ I feel used ♪
♪ You’re amused ♪
[car alarm chirps]
You passed.
We’re done with
your genetics lesson.
Now… it’s time
for a little biology.
-[clone] OK.
-Come on.
[Emma sighing]
[line ringing]
-[phone buzzing]
-[clone] What is that?
Ah, that’s just my phone.
Just my phone.
-Do you wanna pick it up?
-No. Not right now.
[line ringing]
[line ringing]
-[buzzing continues]
-I think you should
probably pick that up.
I don’t want to.
[line ringing]
-[phone buzzing]
-Oh, pick it up.
-Pick it up.
-Pick it up.
Pick it up, pick it up…
Hi. It worked.
-[Adam] She’s the exact same.
-But… she doesn’t love me.
-Must be really hard for you.
Well, what can you do?
But the reason I called is
I’m ready to get back to work.
real, actual work.
Good for you.
I sure could use your help.
I can’t.
[Adam] Why not?
I’m working on my thesis.
Your thes…
Now, where were we?
Here. We were right here
the whole time.
[Emma] Mm-hmm.
[Emma sighing]
Stop beating yourself up!
[Adam] Whatever happened to,
you could only have one version
of the same person?
I never had the first one.
Do you love him?
Well, he’s not you.
I don’t like biology.
So, what do we do with…
[Adam] Hey…
How would you like to meet
the woman who was made for you?
You know, they can’t
stay here forever.
If someone ever found them…
We know.
I, uh…
I have something for you.
Thank you, Adam.
-Can I say goodbye?
-Oh, please.
Goodbye, Dawn.
Remember what I told you?
I do.
Don’t lose it.
I won’t.
So, what are you
gonna do now?
Might stick around,
get my post-doc.
Wow, great.
I could still be your assistant.
Ha ha! I don’t want
an assistant.
Come on, I’ll do anything.
I’ll take out the trash,
clean the beakers,
make your coffee.
You could do a hell
of a lot more than that.
Well, we can get back
to work if you like.
Are you hungry?
How about we get
something to eat first?
[Emma chuckles]
[Rebecca] Hey!
Here you go.
[sighs] We’ll see you again
really soon.
-Love you.
-I love you,
love you, love you.
[Rebecca chuckles]
All in all, this is the third
hardest day of my life.
-Bye, Daddy.
-I love you, kiddo.
I love you.
[car door closes]
[car starts, door shuts]
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye!
[shrieks, laughs]
I hope this works
because this is the only
lobster we have.
[shrieks, giggles]
♪ My love is deep ♪
♪ Blind and true ♪
♪ I will do anything for you ♪
♪ You’re the one
yeah, you have to be ♪
♪ Yeah, you were made… ♪
Dawn, when I’m with you,
I’m walking on air.
♪ You were made for ♪
♪ You were
made for ♪
♪ You were made for ♪
♪ You were
made for ♪
♪ I can love
but I can’t set you free ♪
♪ Yeah, you were made for me ♪
♪ You are one of a kind ♪
♪ Just my luck that
the stars align ♪
♪ You’re the only fish
inside my sea ♪
♪ Yeah, you were made
for me ♪
♪ There’s nothing
I won’t say ♪
♪ There’s nothing
I won’t do ♪
♪ There’s nowhere
I won’t go ♪
♪ If it means I get to be ♪
♪ With ♪
♪ You-ou-ou ♪
♪ My day starts ♪
♪ When you’re awake ♪
♪ I live and die
with each breath you take ♪
♪ I’ve got to solve
this mystery ♪
♪ Why you were made for me ♪
♪ You were made for ♪
♪ You were
made for ♪
♪ You were made for ♪
♪ You were
made for ♪
♪ I’m the arm
and you’re a sleeve ♪
♪ Yeah, you were made
for me ♪
♪ I’m the judge
and you’re the plea ♪
♪ Yeah, you were made
for me ♪
♪ I’ll keep fighting
for you endlessly ♪
♪ Yeah, you were made
for me ♪
♪ Yeah, you were
made for me ♪
♪ I met you when
I dropped my guard ♪
♪ Down on my knees
yeah, I fell hard ♪
♪ And you’re the one
so I contend ♪
♪ I won’t have to do
these over again ♪
♪ And if for just
this moment in time ♪
♪ I was yours
and you were mine ♪
♪ If all good things
must come to an end ♪
♪ I will do these over again ♪
♪ And over again
and over again ♪
♪ Yeah, I will do these
over again ♪
♪ It’s not over ♪
♪ Till it’s all over ♪
♪ No, it’s not over ♪
♪ So I come over ♪
♪ No, it’s not over ♪
♪ Till it’s all over ♪
♪ No, it’s not over ♪
♪ So I’ll come over ♪
♪ Now, I’m trying desperately ♪
♪ To make it how
it used to be ♪
♪ My actions
I can’t quite defend ♪
♪ But I will do these
over again ♪
♪ And over again
and over again ♪
♪ Yeah, I will do these
over again ♪
♪ It’s time to stop
well, that I know ♪
♪ And over again
and over again ♪
♪ I have got to let you go ♪
♪ And over again
and over again ♪
♪ I know my heart
will never mend ♪
♪ And over again
and over again ♪
♪ But I will do these
over again ♪