Ameriplan Home Business Opportunity

Ameriplan Home Business Opportunity

Fulfilling Your Dreams Today… And Tomorrow!

An ideal home-based business that can bring in extra cash – while helping others.

Thousands of Ameriplan small business owners earn a great living – why not you too?

You are about to see…
A Business anyone can build using a
Phone and internet…. Or through
Personal relationships.

AmeriPlan is an industry leader
with over 20 years of success!

Saving Money with Ameriplan
Portfolio of Money Saving Products Needed by Millions

Ameriplan Programs are NOT Insurance
Dental Plus $14.95 or $19.95 per month
Individual Household

• Over 30,000 Dental Providers Nationwide
• Save up to 80% on Dental Services
• No Limits on Visits or Services
• Instant Savings
• No Age Limits
• No Paperwork
• No Waiting Periods
• Orthodontics
• All Specialist included
Plus 3 additional programs at no additional cost
• Vision
• Prescription Drugs
• Chiropractic

AmeriPlanMD Plus $12.95 per month
Includes entire household
Introductory Price!!!

If you have nothing, you must have this.
If you have insurance, you still need this!

• 24 Hour access to a doctor by phone or e-mail
• Save on prescription drugs
• National alternative to in-office doctor visits
• Includes diagnostic consultations
• Convenient quality care is only a click or call away

AmeriPlan Healthcare $49.95 per month
Includes entire household

Contains all the discounts needed for those
who are uninsured or under insured

• AmericDoc (tele-medicine)
• Doctors — in office visits
• Medical Services
• Hospital Advocacy
• Dental
• Vision
• Prescription
• Chiropractic

Platinum Plus $50.00 per month
Includes entire household
Nationwide Savings up to 80% off
Save thousands of dollars a year
On things you are most!

Ideal programs for your household in the
Platinum series basic product
• Dental Services
• Identity Theft Protection
• National Child ID
• Family Legal Plan
• Roadside Assistance
• Credit Restoration
• Dining
• Automotive
• Recreation
• Shopping

Total Platinum $75.00 per month
Includes entire household
Platinum series product includes most everything you
could possibly want for your household. Savings on
Shopping alone will amaze you!

• AmeriPlan Healthcare
• Ameridoc
• AmeriPlan Diabetic Program
• Ameriplan Hearing Programs
• Ameriplan Life Line Screening
• Dining
• Automotive
• Identity Theft Protection
• National Child ID
• Family Legal Plan
• Roadside Assistance
• Credit Restoration
• Recreation
• Shopping
Smart phone application to utilize coupons and discounts immediately…

Platinum Freedom Pass $150.00 per month, Includes entire households
This Platinum series products gives you everything
Ameriplan has to offer
Your savings will be phenomenal!

All benefits Ameriplan has offer Including:

• Travel
• Gold
• Cruises
• Resorts and Condos
• Movies
• Spas and more

Smart phone app to utilize coupons and discounts immediately…

Platinum Freedom Pass
Over 100,000 Companies Nationwide

Platinum Freedom Pass

Live your life to the fullest while Saving on everything.

Saving Money is NOT about doing without!
It’s about doing what you are
already doing for less

The Power of an AmeriPlan Business
• You operate Your Own Business
• No Employees-No Inventory
• You are the Boss — You Set Your Own Hours — You Set the Workplace
• High Income Potential
• Achieve Financial Freedom
• Meet New People
• Experience Personal Development

If think network marketing has come of age. It’s become undeniable that it’s a viable to entrepreneurship and independence for millions of people
-Dr.Stephen R. Covey,
Interview in Network Marketing Lifestyles

You Have the Potential to Earn 5 Ways

1. Membership Sales Daily Commissions Earn 40% to 80% on Membership sales
2. Residual Monthly Commissions Earn a recurring monthly residual commission of 20% to 40%
3. Builders Bonus
Receive overrides on your sales group if you become Senior Regional Sales Director or above
4. Participate In Bonus Programs Meet certain qualifications to receive additional bonuses
5. Earn Membership In The AmeriPlan Cadillac Club Win a Cadillac CTS

Make your Dreams Become a Reality

A. Absolutely, I am ready to get started.
B. Before I get started I have questions.
C. See me Later! Business No! Membership YES!!! I want to save money1

This business is simple, anyone can do it!
Make this your DEFINING MOMENT!

Interested in making a difference and making some extra cash?

Contact us here –

Or call us direct at (855) 878-7774

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