ABS Workout With Roll. 16 Minutes ABS Training. Fat burning women training.

ABS Workout With Roll. 16 Minutes ABS Training. Fat burning women training.

Workout for abdominal muscles using equipment that makes exercise harder. 16 minutes for a full workout with a warm-up and short stretch. A workout for all the abdominal muscles with roll. It gives immediate relief to your muscles, does not require special training, can be used as a full-fledged workout or supplemented with other sets of exercises. Perform exercises on full muscle control, monitor the position of the back.

🤸 DO THIS WARM UP PRIOR TO ANY EXERCISE https://youtu.be/BhXGYz3y-ws

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I consider it necessary to warn everyone who plans classes using video lessons from my channel:
I am not personally responsible for your well-being, possible injuries or health problems. Since I do not have the opportunity to see with my own eyes how correctly you perform the exercises, make corrections and give the necessary recommendations, I do not have the opportunity to make sure that you have no medical contraindications, you must understand that by performing the course, you take all the risk yourself. These trainings are for educational purposes only.

Hi! It’s Helga Rhymes.
Let’s do some women abs flex today.
It is almost 10 min abs workout, 15 min total core, 20 min core workout at home. It is 16 min abs, 16 minutes abs training, 16 min abs workout, exactly.
I’m trying hard to do the best 16 min abs workout.
If you are looking for abs workout core, abs workout fitness, abs workout home, my ab workout for women at home, abs workout with roll will be good for you.
It is the best workout for abs and buttocks, cardio workout abs.
Good exercises for lower abs workout
You need no equipment because it is ab workout for women at home, at home abs workout.
Total core workout at home with Helga Rhymes is the best choice for fat burning abs workout,
fat burning women training.

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