Abs Workout for Beginners to advanced || Fat Burning Workout || Fit editing

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1.High Knee Jacks
2.High Plank Jacks
3. Switching Mountain Climbers


1. Bicycles
2. Russian Twist
3. Low Plank To High Plank
4. Jack Knife
5. L -Seat Hold
6. Boat Hold Leg Flutters
7. Leg Raises
8. Leg Flutters
9. Toe Touches
11. Hanging L-Seat Hold

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Jumping Jacks

Switching Lungs

Side to Side

Side Hops

Diamond Push-ups

Toe Touches

Pike Push-ups

Boat hold

Explosive Push-ups


Tricep Extension Knee Elbow

Russian Twist

Tricep Bench Dips

Incline Push-ups


Types of Push-ups

Knee P-U

Regular P-U

Wide P-U

Incline P-U

Hindu P-U


Decline P-U

Military P-U

Spiderman P-U

Up and Down

One leg P-U

Reverse P-U

Pike P-U

MR Fitness

Diamond to Regular P-U

Tiger Bend P-U

Explosive P-U

Archer P-U

Elevated P-U

Side to Side P-U

Clap P-U

Full Body Explosive P-U

Behind Back Clap P-U

Double Clap P-U

Dab P-U

In and Out

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