a cute lil *SMALL BUSINESS* haul! (etsy, home decor & more)

a cute lil *SMALL BUSINESS* haul! (etsy, home decor & more)


Today I have for you a cute lil *SMALL BUSINESS* haul! (etsy, home decor & more!) I decided to shop a few small businesses over the course of the last few months and wanted to show you everything I got! I picked up some tshirts, home decor items, Black-owned business finds, and more! Hope you enjoy a fun home decor themed video from time to time, because I LOVE THEM. And I love YOU! Thanks for being here. xoxoxo

Gold Dust Road: https://golddustroad.com/
Lucy Wood’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/lucybootsvideos

Bekah’s Tees & Totes: https://rbekhaj.com/shop
FullBodiedBekah on IG: https://www.instagram.com/fullbodiedbekah/

Dome Croissant Ring: https://www.etsy.com/listing/763653317/14k-dome-croissant-ring-gold-chunky-ring?ref=yr_purchases
Solid Dome Ring: https://www.etsy.com/listing/805819973/18k-gold-plated-bold-dome-ring-band-ring?ref=yr_purchases
“Layla” Initial Bracelet: https://www.etsy.com/listing/891356645/initial-bracelet-love-bracelet-mom?ref=yr_purchases
Lavender Sage Reed Diffuser (shop is on a break but will be back soon): https://www.etsy.com/listing/752340263/lavender-sage-reed-diffuser?ref=yr_purchases
Chicken Tenders Keychain: https://www.etsy.com/listing/814242183/miniature-chicken-tenders-and-fries?ref=yr_purchases
Glass Candlestick Holder: https://www.etsy.com/listing/873061202/candlestick-holder-glass-candlestick?ref=yr_purchases
Spiral Beeswax Candles: https://www.etsy.com/listing/825614298/spiral-taper-beeswax-candle-set-of-2?ref=yr_purchases
Ceramic Shell Vase: https://www.etsy.com/listing/875770167/matte-ceramic-shell-coastal-decor-vase?ref=yr_purchases

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Hi there! My name is Carrie Dayton and this channel is all about body confidence, big sis advice, midsize fashion, thrifting, and MORE! My goal is to distract you from the chaos of life for a few minutes throughout the week and (hopefully) encourage you to be kind to your body at any size. SUBSCRIBE for new videos every Wednesday and Saturday (with a few bonus videos in between)!

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– For today’s video,
I’m going to be doing
a small business hawl.
This is something that has been
so, so requested by you all
and also something that
I’ve been wanting to do
for a really long time.
In an effort to try and shop smaller
whenever I can this year,
I thought I would highlight
some small businesses
that I purchased from recently.
These were all mostly purchased on Etsy.
Some of these are actually
friends’ small businesses as well.
So I thought that,
I would kind of mishmash
them all together,
highlights of my favorites for you.
All of this, that is still available,
I will link in the description box below,
all of the shops and everything like that,
but let’s go ahead and jump in.
I’m so excited.
My first small business hawl.
Okay, so I’m going in no particular order.
Straight from the top here,
this was sitting right
on the top of the pile.
I have two items from this small business
and I figured I would go
ahead and start out with these
because it is a YouTuber owned business.
It is from my friend, Lucy Wood,
and her shop is called Gold Dust Road.
I’ve actually had both of these
items for a few months now
but I thought I would
show them in the video
because I really genuinely love her style
and what she’s doing
with her small business.
I think it’s amazing.
And so I got two items.
I purchased all of this with my own money.
The first one is this ringer tee,
which we all know I love a ringer tee.
A few of you actually
have spotted this shirt
in the background of some of my videos,
but this is a really
soft, comfy ringer tee
that says rock and
roll, good for the soul.
These fit a bit oversize,
but I got an extra large
’cause I wanted to be able to like tuck it
into my jeans and just have it be nice.
I don’t know.
I’m really into oversize
tees at the moment,
could be partially
because of my body image,
could also be because
it’s loose and comfy.
We’ll never know.
So yeah, this is super, super
soft, really good quality.
I actually really like that
it’s kind of not that typical
t-shirt material, it’s much
softer and like a bit more thin
but I prefer that.
Like it just feels like a vintage tee.
It’s got a little bit of
like a faded look to it
and that’s just definitely what I’m into.
I know, I’m sure she did that on purpose.
Like the colors are on point.
Just everything is (kissing sound).
I also picked up, I think
this was a separate order.
I can’t remember.
I just love her.
I also got a pin, but I can’t find it.
I put it on a denim
jacket like forever ago
so I’m not gonna dig through my closet
but I also picked up this cute
little tote bag when I do go
to like farmer’s markets
to get things again,
this will come in major handy
but this is a cute little tote
bag, little grocery run bag.
Actually it says, this is
a very important snack run.
How cute is that?
I believe she has some
other colors available.
And if any of this
stuff is still available
and get down below,
I know she kind of does limited quantities
’cause obviously she’s
like a small business.
Go show some love for Lucy
and her YouTube channel
in general, down below.
If for some reason you
haven’t heard of her.
Literally adore her.
Can’t wait to go back to the UK
and hang out and have a
beer and be best mates.
That’s the vision I have in my mind.
I don’t know if she does, we’ll find out.
Speaking of going to the
UK and becoming best mates,
I feel like I should just get
this out of the way as well.
Just like we can do like my two friends
and then we can go into
people that I don’t know
but that I’m sure have
great businesses as well.
And these two items are from my friend.
Full-body Becca on Instagram.
She’s just wonderful.
I learn a lot from her
and she’s just a lovely,
lovely ray of sunshine.
She’s from Scotland.
And she released merch recently.
That was all sort of
based around diet culture
like anti diet stuff.
And this tote bag that I
purchased is everything.
And this says diet culture dropout.
I thought this was the
cutest thing I’d ever seen.
These like burgundy wine colored handles,
the canvas tote bag.
It’s really, really soft.
It’s also got a tag on it
that says earth positive.
I remember when she
was releasing her merch
that she talked about all of
the dyes in it were vegan,
it was sustainably sourced.
It’s ethical, so like, I
just really, really look up
to her in that way.
And I feel like I
constantly get questions.
Like, why won’t you release merch?
Like you really need to drop merch.
And I will be dropping Merch in 2021,
but I like I have to find
out how to do it like this
because I was just so
blown away and impressed
and I love it.
So yeah, this is the
diet culture dropout bag.
I can use it for books.
I can use it for snacks, obviously.
I can use it to throw my belongings
and when I’m running
away for the apocalypse,
you know what I mean?
I’m kidding, am I?
There’s so many different
uses for tote bags.
I literally am obsessed with them.
And then when I ordered that bag,
which I purchased with my own money,
she saw that it was from me, this order.
And so she threw in one
of the t-shirts that I
just absolutely love.
And this is an amazing
t-shirt that says all bodies
are good bodies, and I could
not love this any more.
I opened this package up
over on my blog channel,
when I was doing vlogmas
a couple of weeks ago.
And I like literally almost cried.
It was just the sweetest
thing that she threw
this shirt in there.
And it has a person in a
wheelchair, it has stretch marks.
It has a pregnant person.
Like I just love how inclusive it is.
And I absolutely agree that
all bodies are good bodies.
And it’s just a great shirt that focuses
on intersectionality, which
I think is really important
especially when you’re talking about
like body positivity or body
confidence, what have you?
I love it.
I just think it’s great.
I don’t know if she still is making these.
I do believe that she will
relaunch more in the future
but I am gonna link the shop down below.
‘Cause I think she has a couple more left.
Make sure you follow her Instagram
for when she does relaunches
or if she does another
drop, but seriously love it.
Love all the thought she put into it.
Merch goals, TBH, honestly, merch goals.
The rest is mainly like home decor
but then I have some other
random things as well.
I’m gonna pull up my Etsy
to make sure I list all
of the correct shop names.
So, okay, I’ll actually
start with this one
’cause it’s kind of funny
and it kind of pertains
to this ring that I’m wearing right now
which is one of those
like dome croissant rings
I guess you could call it.
I’m obsessed with them right now.
And this is from KayJ
Studio, K-A-Y-J Studio.
And I picked up this ring,
which as you can see is quite similar
to the other one that I have.
And this is called the 14
karat dome gold croissant ring.
And I ordered this in a size eight
and my fingers are just junkier than that.
I kind of wanted to be able to
wear it on my middle finger.
So what I ended up doing
was purchasing a cheaper one
on Amazon which is like probably
gonna turn my finger green
but this one does fit on my ring finger.
So like that’s still a
cute look, I love that.
But I was kind of like hoping
for the middle finger vibe.
So I don’t know, I might just like switch
these out occasionally.
It’s gonna go really
well with the next one
that I’ll show you but it’s
a really beautiful ring.
And then to go with it,
I decided to pick out this one,
which is from Shapes Studio.
And this is the 18 karat
gold plated bold dome ring.
This is just a dome without the croissant.
So it’s a similar thing,
but just like the actual, like mini dome,
I know that they sell
ones that are bigger,
that have like bigger domes
but I would like to be
able to close my fingers.
Like I don’t really like
that whole wearing rings
that are so big.
You can’t close your hands.
So I thought that this was perfect.
Just really subtle, really beautiful.
They’re both like I would
say for 14 and 18 karat
dipped gold, like it’s
relatively affordable.
They were both around 30 to $40.
So it’s like, sure you
can buy these Amazon ones
which I did because I was just dead set
on having one on my middle finger,
but it’s not gonna last you as long.
And these are going to
last me forever, you know?
And they’re just so beautiful.
The next step, while we’re
still on accessories,
I thought I would show you
this bracelet that I had made.
This is from a shop called
Sun Stori with an I.
If you go on Etsy, you can
filter at black owned businesses
which I think is incredible
and really important.
I think it’s so something
that I never even thought
about up until 2020 and that’s inexcusable
but I’m really trying to make much more
of an effort to shop black
owned businesses when I can.
And I would highly encourage
you to do the same.
So I picked up this bracelet
which is my new favorite thing
and this is a beaded
bracelet that says Layla.
I am that dog lady and
it’s got these gold beads
and it’s just like a really
cute bracelet for stacking.
And it just sort of reminds
me of those like BFF bracelets
that we used to make an elementary school
but like a grownup version
of it and I’m really into it.
So if you have any ideas
for bracelets that you think
would go well as I’m sure you might know,
I literally never wear bracelets.
It’s like a weird thing,
but I wanna start.
And so I think that this
will be a really good
like stacking piece and I just love it.
I love the beads on it.
She even asked me if I wanted
to do like a little gold bead
in between each letter
for like a cute accent.
And I was like, yes, please.
It’s just adorable,
what more could I want?
I have my dog’s name on
my wrist at all times.
Like, it’s just the best thing
that’s ever happened to me.
It was also only $12 and 14 cents.
Like I just feel like a
handmade piece of jewelry
for under 15 bucks.
Pretty great, I’m going
to keep this forever.
It’s so treasured already.
And now for the rest of this,
I believe the rest of this is home decor.
Yes, I think it is.
So this next piece is from
another black owned business
called Treatment Co
and I’ve been really
curious about Reed diffusers
but I don’t really like
know that much about them.
And so I thought I would try this one out
and I got this in the mail.
I opened it up.
I smelled it and it is divine.
So basically it’s kind of like
an alternative to a candle.
I’m sure most of you know,
what Reed diffusers are
but in case you don’t,
it is a little bottle of
like scented oil liquid.
And this is in the scent lavender sage.
It’s a four ounce Reed diffuser.
And then it comes with these little reads
these little wooden reads
and you stick them in it.
And then it soaks up into
the reads and it just puts
off a really like subtle, yet
delicious smell in your space.
And lavender sage is
like the perfect scent.
It just smells super clean,
like Irby kind of like a spa.
And I’m really, really into that.
I might do it in the
background of this room
or in our bedroom.
I’m not sure, but it’s
gonna smell so good.
Okay, next this actually
isn’t a home decor
but it is another black owned business.
And I just had to show it
because it is one of the
best things I’ve ever seen.
Yeah, I’m just gonna go ahead
and show you and then we’ll talk about it.
So this is a key chain that I purchased
from a shop called Crafty Little Dreams.
And it is a key chain
that has chicken fingers
and French fries on it.
What more could you ever want?
They have so many amazing
things in the shop.
Like everything from food to like candy.
It’s just so incredibly well done.
And there’s so much detail,
like how cool that I have a key chain
that has chicken fingers and fries.
I’m almost like scared
to put it on my keys,
’cause I don’t want it to break,
but like I need the world to see
my chicken fingers and fries.
It just makes me really happy.
The lady was so super nice.
She was like really
overwhelmed with orders
at Christmas time and was so
communicative and so sweet.
So yeah, highly recommend this shop.
Catch me out in the world
post COVID with my fricking
chicken fingers and fries key
chain living my best life.
Okay, now back into home decor,
we have a couple more pieces.
This first one here may
seem very simple, very basic
but I’m actually kind of obsessed with it.
And this is a like crystal candle holder.
I’ve become obsessed with
the twisted candle thing
that everyone’s doing on
TikTok and on YouTube.
And I feel like it’s a little late
but I feel like I still
kind of want to do it.
Let me know in the comments below
if you would like to see a series
of me trying to DIY home
decor things or free flips
or whatever you want to
call it, but not clothes.
Like I still want to do clothes
but let me know if you
would also additionally
like to see home decor because
I would love to do some cute
little like twisted pastel candle in this.
That’s the vision that I had for it.
So I think this was just like
purchased from a thrift store
and it was sold from the shop
called The Cut Silhouette.
It was 1357, which is pretty pricey.
But again, it’s like
you have to think about
the curation of it.
They’re going out and thrifting.
It’s still a lot more inexpensive
than if I were to buy it new.
And it is second hand,
which is pretty cool.
So yeah, just like a standard
crystal candle holder,
can’t say much about it,
but I am happy I have it.
Next, that kind of goes with it.
Like speaking of the twisted candle thing,
this isn’t exactly that vibe
but it is similar and
this is a pair of twisted.
These are like a more natural
kind of like boho vibe.
So not the like pastel sort
of like eighties inspired
like TikTok thing I’m looking for.
But I ordered these because I thought
they would look really
cute throughout our house.
So this is just a beeswax candle.
So this is from the
shop BG Soap and Honey.
This was 1154 for two of these candles,
which I think is pretty good.
You can definitely see
that they’re like handmade.
You can see the wick at the bottom.
In fact, let me see if it
fits in this little thing.
Well, it does, it fits,
like look how cute that is.
That is adorable.
Next to a plant, it
would look really cute.
So yeah, I think that’ll go really well
with this sort of like vintage boho thing
that we have going on throughout
the rest of our house.
But I love these,
the last home decor item
is this little baby.
I’m so happy, I got it.
This is a shell vase,
really pretty kind of like
pinky terracotta color.
And you can just put a few
loose flowers in there.
I’m going to do dried flowers.
We have some dried
lavender that I think would
look really cute.
And this is from the
shop called Beachy Mums.
It was 4350.
So the most expensive thing
that I got look how gorgeous this is.
I think they have this
in like a lilac lavender color as well.
It’d be cute on any dresser,
any nightstand, any shelf
like it’s very versatile.
You could even honestly just like put it
on the shelf the way it is.
And like it’s a cute little accent piece.
Like put it on top of a book
or something and I think
it’s worth the money
’cause I’m going to have it forever.
So really happy with it.
Just look how cute this is, it’s perfect.
So I hope you all enjoyed this video.
If you did be sure to give it a thumbs up
don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.
if you haven’t already.
You can also turn on
my post notifications,
if you want to be notified
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If you want to see more
videos like this in the future
definitely let me know
in the comments below.
If you have any small businesses that you
want me to shop from,
maybe I can do like a subscriber,
small business videos.
I know my friend Sierra
Schulty is the queen of that.
I love watching those videos from her.
Let me know what you want to
see down in the comments below
but I love you all so, so much.
Thank you so much for watching this video
and I will see you in my next one, bye.

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