9 Fat burning foods for weight loss – while you sleep

Here is our list of what foods help burn belly fat. Nine Fat burning foods for weight loss – even while you sleep. Our list of foods are extremely healthy and will help maintain your weight loss diet plan.

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Our thermogenic foods list are all proven to help burn belly fat:

1. Fatty fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can also promote fat loss. Fish is also rich in protein, which helps you feel full and boosts metabolic rate during digestion.

2. MCTs are quickly absorbed into the body for immediate use as an energy source. MCT oil can intensify fat burning, help in the reduction of feeling hungry and protect muscle mass during weight loss.

3. Coffee contains caffeine that can help to improve mental and your physical performance. It can also to increase metabolism.

4. Eggs are a great increase fat burning food. They can help decrease hunger, intensify fullness and protect heart health. They are also a high source of protein
5. Green tea contains caffeine and EGCG that can increase metabolism, encourage weight loss, protect the heart and decrease the risk of cancer.

6. Whey protein increases muscle growth, can reduce your appetite, intensify feelings of fullness and increase metabolism more fa better than other protein-based foods.

7. Apple cider vinegar can help control your appetite, encourage loss of belly fat and can decrease blood sugar and insulin levels.

8. Cayenne pepper has been found to decrease inflammation, help regulate your hunger and increase your metabolic rate.

9. Olive oil can help in reducing the risk of heart disease, encourage feelings of fullness and help increase metabolic rate.

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