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With the recent Coronavirus outbreak coming into full swing, many of us are stuck locked up in our homes for the next few weeks at least. Going by my SARs virus experience it’s going to be more like 3 months!

We could take this self-quarantine in either one of two ways:

Option #1: We sit and do nothing with our time, waiting for the quarantine period to pass.


Option #2: We use this time at home as productively as possible by starting successful businesses from home.

There are so many people who want to live the life of a work-from-home entrepreneur, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. In this video, I talk about the eight steps you need to take to build a successful business from your own living room.

Simon Squibb is a serial entrepreneur and founder of 17 startups and invested in over 65 companies over the last 8 years.

Simon is a angel investor, motivational speaker, mentor and recently sold his leading global branding and digital agency fluid (HQed in Hong Kong + China), to PwC.

He is currently the subject of SimonSquibb.com, an online business series highlighting what it’s like to be an experienced entrepreneur who knows luck is vital to it all. He is also the host of #GoodLuckClub Podcast, a business and advice Q&A show online that gets real about what is success and how luck plays a part in everything. —

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Simon Squibb // Subscribe: www.simonsquibb.com

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