8 Minute 6 Pack Abs Workout | + Fat Burning | Abs | No Equipment

8 Minute 6 Pack Abs Workout | + Fat Burning | Abs | No Equipment

Join me as I do this 8 mins 6 pack abs workout with no EQUIPMENTS. It is short and very intense with only a resting period of 40s after each set of exercises. Getting a 6 pack requires you to have a constant ab workout you can commit to. Here are the following exercises in this video. Screenshot this and use it as your new abs workout plan😄.

Seal Jacks x 1 min
Leg up touches x 40s

Left side plank x 50s
Flutter kicks x 40s
Basic crunches x 40s

Right side plank x 50s
Leg lifts x 40s
Push through and out crunches x 40s

Plank x 1 min
Figure 8 motion x 40s
Bicycle crunches x 40s

Russian twists x 40s

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