7 Minutes Effective Fat Burning Home Workout (Beginners/Intermediate) – Follow Along

Owing to COVID19, most people are working from home which has rendered them immobile and eventually resulted in weight gain.

The fact that most people are still not willing to hit the gym, we bring you one of the most effective fat burn or weight loss workout that you can do right at your home.

More importantly, you don’t need any gym equipment, or even a dumbbell (Without discounting the effectiveness) to do this workout . All you need is a mat, some music and you’re done.

Though we’ve designed this workout for beginners, however, we’ve kept it a little difficult so that they get more burn in less time. Not just that, intermediate & advanced guys can perform this workout with more intensity. So, let’s get started with the workout.

The content & exercises of this video are timestamped as follows:

0:00 – Introduction
0:31 – Flow of workout
0:50 – Warm Up (1 Minute)
1:51 – Exercise 1 – Burpees (45 Seconds)
2:54 – Exercise 2 – Mountain Climber (45 Seconds)
3:57 – Exercise 3 – Jump Squats (45 Seconds)
5:01 – Exercise 4 – Up & Down Plank (45 Seconds)
6:05 – Exercise 5 – Squats (45 Seconds)
7:09 – Exercise 6 – Push-Ups (45 Seconds)
8:12 – Exercise 7 – Squat Hold (45 Seconds)
9:15 – Exercise 8 – Plank (45 Seconds)
10:02 – The Final Word

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Another important thing to note here is that nutrition & workout go hand in hand. If you don’t follow a good nutrition plan, it’ll be difficult to achieve results of any kind.

Stay in a calorie deficit in addition to eating healthy foods to achieve the desired results from this workout.

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