7-Minute HIIT Workout | Fat Burning-Weight Loss HIIT Workout | #Dreamfit_2020

7-Minute HIIT Workout | Fat Burning-Weight Loss HIIT Workout | #Dreamfit_2020

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HIIT workouts generally combine short bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower-intensity exercise. These workouts often mix aerobic and resistance training. HIIT promises the best workout in the least amount of time.

The single most well-established benefit of interval training has to do with heart health. Intervals can boost cardio-respiratory health with a smaller time investment compared to continuous forms of exercise. So we’re not talking about superior fat-burning capacity (more on that later) or bigger muscles. We’re talking about improved VO2 max, a measure of endurance that calculates the maximum volume of oxygen the body can use.

Bursts of high intensity interval training (Hiit) may be more effective for weight loss than longer less intense workouts, a study suggests.

The optimal duration for a HIIT workout to be the most effective, I would say 20-30 minutes.

Repeat entire circuit up to three times for better result.


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