7 min Workout for ABS + FAT BURNING | You Can Do Anywhere

7 minutes workout without equipment. You need only your body and floor (preferably clean floor:) ). Also this workout for people who want to lose fat, because it can help them with fat burning (and get abs at the same time). You can do it anywhere: at home, on the playground, on the bed, etc.
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Get abs isn’t hard. The hardest part is discipline. Work on this “muscle” and get results

5 Advice for FAT BURNING

1. Burn 300-400kcal daily
2. Do 1-3 cardio workouts every week (great for burning fat and healthy heart)
3. Be in a calorie deficit. Eat 500 fewer calories from your norm
4. Always be in a good mood. Everything is in vain without it
5. Track your calories and steps

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