60 Minute NO REPEAT Full Body HIIT Workout // Fat Burning at Home Workout // NO EQUIPMENT

60 Minute NO REPEAT Full Body HIIT Workout // Fat Burning at Home Workout // NO EQUIPMENT

This 60 minute no repeat full body workout is from day 78 of our 100 day Breakthrough100 challenge.

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Workout Breakdown:

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Equipment Needed:
No Equipment + Mat


00:00 – Intro
00:39 – Warm-up
05:09 – Butt Kick Burpees
06:09 – Mad-Man Sprints
07:09 – 180 Inchworms
08:09 – Side Lunge Switches
09:09 – Hustler Tap Combo L
10:09 – Swing Kick Tap-Unders L
11:09 – S2S Push Stacks
12:09 – Hustler Tap Combo R
13:09 – Swing Kick-Tap-Unders R
14:09 – Clockwork Push-ups
15:09 – Hi Wide Knee Sprints
16:09 – Resistance Tap Burpees
17:09 – F2B Jack Sprints
18:09 – Tornado Squats
19:09 – ISO Inchworms
20:09 – Cross Knee Push Climbers
21:09 – Jack Kick Tap Kicks
22:09 – F2B Clap Squat Sprints
23:09 – 180 Switch Lunges
24:09 – Burst Worms
25:09 – F2B Hot Hand Hops
26:09 – Shuffle Crawls L
27:09 – Bloodhound Lunges
28:09 – Shuffle Crawls R
29:09 – In & Out Jack Push-ups
30:09 – Hi-Climb Knees
31:09 – Wide Shuffle Burpees
32:09 – Stutter Crawls
33:09 – S2S ISO Tap Sprints
34:09 – F2B Fugitive Squats
35:09 – Hop-Over Burpees
36:09 – Criss-Cross Knees
37:09 – S2S Attack Shuffle
38:09 – Clap Tap Push-ups
39:09 – Uppercut Knees
40:09 – Agility Sprints
41:09 – F2B Swing Hop Squats
42:09 – Mt. Kickers
43:09 – Brisk Jugglers
44:09 – MAX Push Burpees
45:09 – Genie Pulses
46:09 – Twist Knee Kick-Backs L
47:09 – Hi-Hold Crunch
48:09 – Twist Knee Kick-Backs R
49:09 – Hip Dip Reachers L
50:09 – Sprinter Abs
51:09 – Hip Dip Reachers R
52:09 – Frog Tap Crunch
53:09 – Switch Leg Toe Taps
54:44 – Cool-Down

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