Who said you can’t crush an arm workout in under 10 minutes? Dudes who don’t lift, that’s who! Now grab some 20lbs dumbbels and LET’S DO THIS!

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Hey, what’s up, guys? I’m Scott from Muscular Strength and welcome back
To the live workout series and today’s workout. I’m gonna be putting you through a 10-minute arms workout
I’m gonna give you such a massive pump in your arms. You’re not gonna be able to fully extend your elbows
We’re gonna focus on a metabolic stress and muscle damage as our muscle building mechanisms today
Metabolic stress all that really means is a ton of volume with a very little rest time. Alright, so we’re gonna be doing four exercises
Thirty seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest and then we’re gonna do two rounds of those
Exercises targeting biceps and triceps now if you missed any of the other videos in this series
All you’re gonna do is click this link
And before we get started with the workout, let’s warm up hitting some shoulder slaps first
Let’s get some blood going through those shoulders guys and remember
Whenever I do any of my live workouts, if you need more time to warm up, all you’re gonna do is hit that pause button
Or maybe you gotta go to the bathroom. Maybe you need some water. Just hit pause
The only thing I’m concerned about is that you hit unpause when you’re ready. All right over here
Now we’re gonna do is just get the blood going through those elbows now
This isn’t an actual work out that I’m doing right now
I’m just literally putting enough pressure in my arms to push through my elbows to get the blood flowing through the area this
Always helps me with any of my tricep movements
Especially when I’m lifting super heavy with dips or overhead tricep extensions doing this takes the pain away
especially if I’ve been
You know kind of tight from not moving around too much because maybe I had too much fun over the weekend
That’s a story for another day. But now let’s get started with the workout get this clock going
Four…… three…… grab your dumbbells
bicep curls
And the goal here is reps
volume and reps
Yes, you want to do full range of motion. Yes, we want proper form. But right now we’re going for volume
All the way down all the way up
flexing at the top
Oh and actually, you know try to flex through the entire rep but really flex and squeeze at the top
four three two one
Relax keep the dumbbells in your hand next exercise is gonna be a powerbomb
Try to keep the dumbbells together like this
three two
One all the way down all the way up. Here we go. Yeah
Again, we’re going for volume, try and get as much volume in as we can in ten minutes to go for the maximum pump
and some muscle damage
Five four three two one
Now guys, do you ever say you don’t have time to work out?
Everybody has 10 minutes. It probably takes you longer than 10 minutes to poop. All right. Think about that. Here we go
Definitely takes me longer than 10 minutes. That’s because that’s my escape to play games on my phone
So the wife can’t bother me. Don’t tell her that I know she’s not gonna watch this video
so that’s good
I’m still cranking these arms. Yeah!
Three two
boom now for the next exercise
We’re doing a bench dip. I don’t care
If you don’t have a bench use a chair use the side of your bad side of your couch
anything you can do to hit them dips
Here we go, whoo
now guys
Bench dips can get real hard real fast
But the coolest thing about them is you can make the exercise easy if you need to by bringing your feet closer to your butt
But we don’t want to do that. We want to keep them out as far as we can. Oh
Yeah, here we go
Almost done almost done. Yeah
Yeah, and chill back to those
arm curls one more round left should have to feel a nice pump by now guys
If you’re not increase the weight or go faster on your reps
grab your dumbbells
Yeah, remember
We’re going for speed with control
but there’s only 30 seconds so you can’t stop it’s gonna keep moving. Use a little momentum
if you have to
Three two one
Don’t drop those dumbbells keep them in your hand
Here we go five seconds overhead extensions
This is the work baby right here
All the way down all the way up. Don’t stop don’t stop
They are only 20 pound dumbbells, but we can make them work
Come on
Three two one
Hammer curls are next keep those dumbbells in your hands only two exercises left empty that tank
Three two one
Yeah all the way up all the way down
It should burn guys we’re trying to burn we’re trying to get a pump when all that blood to go into those muscles
That are getting all kinds of micro tears
Come on don’t give up. Yeah
Last exercise guys dips and then you can chill but until then get into position
Three two one
All the way down guys
Try to touch that butt
To the floor and fully extend at the top of the movement
This is why we warmed up our shoulders to be able to do this
Come on, come on. Come on Wow. Get some air time, baby. Yeah
Three two one, yeah
Things escalated quite quickly on those
But it feels good. Oh, yeah
Well guys, it’s all it took was ten minutes I’ve got an insane pump going on in my arms biceps and triceps
They feel pretty smoked
Doesn’t take much time. All it takes is a bit of mental focus and
Intensity and you can get a hardcore workout in like this any time of the day and until next time
I’ll see you next Tuesday. Damn guys. We took a minute to stop to film the outro
My arms are still wicked pumped feels amazing
and if you enjoyed the workout make sure you smash that like button and if you miss any of the videos in this playlist
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