6 Arm Exercises Workout For Building Your Biceps and Triceps

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0:18 Banded Chin-Up
– Wrap a band around the top of a pull up bar
– Wrap other end under your knee
– Take a supinated grip
– Palms facing you
– Allow shoulders to come forward a bit
– Pull up all the way to the top
– Control back down

1:12 Zottman Curls
– Pull shoulders back with DB’s(Dumbbells) in hand
– Keep elbows close to your body
– Begin curling DB’s while supinating grip
– Rotating Palms towards the ceiling
– Pronate grip & lower wight back down
– Rotating palms towards the floor

1:53 Incline Bicep Curl
– Lean back against an inclined surface
– Pin shoulders back
– Allow dumbbells to rest in hands straight below shoulders
– Curl dumbbells up
– Keep elbows in the same position
– Control back down

3:00 Bench/Chair Dips
– Set feet hip distance apart in front of you
– Press hands down into bench/chair
– Fully extending arms
– Keep shoulders back
– Control body down
– Elbows should trace behind you
– Stay close to the bench
– Press hands into bench lifting body back up

4:06 Skull Crushers
– Hold dumbbells towards the bottom of their grip
– Lie back onto bench with dumbbells right above your shoulders
– Bend elbows controlling dumbbells down by your head
– Maintain locked shoulder & elbow positioning
– Inhale down
– Drive dumbbells back upwards
– Exhale up

5:07 Overhead Tricep Extension
– Hold single dumbbell in hands behind your head
– Elbows should be beside your head
– Extend weight up
– Maintain shoulder & elbow position
– Control back down

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“6 Arm Exercises Workout For Building Your Biceps and Triceps”
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