5 Work from Home Business Ideas for 2020

More people are going ‘remote’ and work from home opportunities is growing tremendously. With one of these great ideas, you can set up a business that will earn you an income and offer you flexibility and freedom.
Some of the businesses listed in the video are;

1. Graphic design
The demand for logos, e-book covers, and packaging is increasing. Creative graphic designers use tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Canva to work on client’s projects.

2. Blogging
Fashion, Mom, Travel and Beauty blogs are popular and attract a huge following on social media. Creating interesting and helpful content wins many and selling products or services on such blogs can earn you a steady income.

3. Transcribing
A good typing speed of 55-60 WPM(words per minute) quality headphones, good internet, listening skills, and passion are all you need to start a business of converting audio files into text.

4. Freelance writing
This is one of the most dynamic, lucrative and competitive businesses. One time you can be writing for several clients and other writing as an expert on a popular website or magazine.

5. Digital marketing
It’s the future of marketing and with advancing technology and market disruptions, businesses are striving to stay competitive and relevant. There’s no better time to acquire skills for digital marketing to start an agency.

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