5 online home business for beginner .


5 online home business for beginner .
Hei guys i am Weng here , adakah awak nak start online home business anda tetapi
tak tahu macam mana nak start ?Jom tengok video ini.

online business for beginner #5 -Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing adalah online business yang paling senang untuk start.
You only need 2 things
1) a platform to sell such as website , facebook , instagram
2) a product to sell . You can get affiliate product to sell on linkshare or clickbank.
How do people make money online by affiliate marketing ?
a) When you read an article online, and click on the link provided to buy the item ,
if the transaction success , the web site owner will earn a commision .

online business for beginner #4 – Fiverr
Do you have a skill that you can sell ? This is for you. You can list your services , such as drawing,
building web site ,giving out testimonial (yes people will buy your testimonial) on fiverr .
i use to earn couple of hundreads on fiverr just by giving out testimonial to others.

online business for beginner #3 – dropship
Dropshipping is currently a trending business model . You need 2 things to start dropshipping.
1) a dropship supplier ,such as aliexpress
2) a platform to sell ,such as shopify (the most popular dropshiping selling platform)
How does dropshiper earn money ?
Very simple, you choose a product on aliexpress and list your product on shopify with marked up price
.When people buy the product from you , you earn the margin in between .

online business for beginner #2
online coaching
If you are a teacher , coach or somone that is good at a particular skill , you can provide online coaching .
You can start your online coaching on facebook or instagram .

online business for beginner #1
creating online courses
Similiar to online coaching , if you are a teacher , coach or somone that is good at a particular skill ,you can
create an online course for people to enroll .
2 things you need to do .
1) a subject to teach
2) a platform to sell . The famous one is Udemy .Some of the top instructor on udemy earning more than 7 figures a month.

i hope that this video get to open your eyes on what can be done for home based online business.
Lets work together and be successful!