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�What is Crowd1?
1. The new gig economy
2. The new way to distribute software
3. A Customer customer acquisition machine
4. A new smartphone lifestyle
5. The solution for Digital Nomads
6. The start of a new revolution where the people win v.s the big cooperation’s
7. The 5 min power presentation duplication system
8. An education company
9. The smartest marketing system

�What Does It Do?
✓ Sells Educational line of products as part of their whole membership package that includes Crowd1 rewards points and access to it’s Money Making Divisions:
�Grithub – e-learning
�Affilgo – gambling
�Miggster – social gaming
�LifeTRNDS – leisure/travel
�Epic1 Lotto

�What Does It Cost?
✓ Crowd1 cost €99 to begin and your up on running

�What Do I Have To Do?
✓ It’s easy, no experience necessary all you got to do is talk about the Benefits and Advantages of joining a Dynamic company called Crowd1

�Why It Is Unique?
✓ Digital cutting edge. Your whole business in your Phone, in the
palm of your hand
✓ CEO Johan Stael Von Holstein – An IT visionary of the future. Built three, billion dollar companies. He says, he will be able to bring Crowd1 up to be his Fourth billion dollar company
✓ Fastest Crowd Power building that you have seen

�Bottom Line With Crowd1:
✓ It’s Legal
✓ It’s operating Successfully in a 180 Countries throughout the World

�Be part of this Big product transfer of Wealth�

Join the Movement. Welcome to the Fastest Crowd Marketing in the World☝️☝️☝️
�Contact: Business Whats � number provided.

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