5-Minute Full Body Fat Burning Workout | New Year Workout | No Gym | No Equipment

5-Minute Full Body HIIT Workout | New Year Workout
So here is a complete body workout that you can follow easily anytime anywhere and achieve your fitness goals and lead a fit and healthy life. All you need is consistency and determination.

The New Year’s workout is here. Do not make the same mistake almost every resolutioner makes!
Do not think of getting fit by joining a gym and working out for 3 hours on the 1st of January.

Always remember that you cannot reverse 10 years of bad habits with a single 3-hour session at the gym. You have to take it slow and steady and make fitness a lifestyle and not just a temporary goal.

And all you need to achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle IS CONSISTENCY AND PATIENCE.

Do try this workout, all you need is some space and the right motivation and mindset.
Initially go at a medium pace in the first round and as your body starts getting warmed up and used to it, you can increase the pace of the workout.

Try to aim for 4-5 rounds of this routine in order to get the full effectiveness of the workout.

Note: Before starting the workout, make sure that your body is warmed up completely. If you face any difficulty or injury during the workout, stop immediately and consult your doctor.

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