5 High Income Business Ideas to Start From Home in 2021

Here are five high income business ideas in 2020 to start from your bedroom that can bring you enormous success!

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I’m on a mission to help inspire female entrepreneurs and to share strategies that can help you to live an amazing life and achieve incredible business success!

This video contains some powerful business ideas for beginners and business ideas examples which can help to launch you to stratospheric success in 2020. If you have been struggling to find great business ideas to make money over the last decade and need to get going fast on business ideas with no money, I’m providing my suggestions. Each one of these can be successful business ideas without investment .

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In this episode I want to
share with you
five high earning businesses
that you can start from home
with your laptop and an
internet connection,
and they are incredible,
so stay tuned.
Hey, it’s Carrie here.
And I am so excited that
you’re here,
because I have some
ideas for you
for starting a business
working from home
in your pajamas if you like,
and I’m making a lot of money.
This is so doable.
I remember before I figured
out how to make money online,
I wondered whether people
who did make money online
were just chatting nonsense,
because I was like,
“Really? You really make
that much money
from doing that online?”
It just seemed totally ridiculous.
However, having stepped
into this online world myself,
and having built a multiple
seven figure business online,
being able to work in my
pajamas from home,
or from wherever I want
in the world,
I have come to realize that
so much is possible.
There are so many
incredible ways
you can make money online
through building a business.
So I want to share five of
the top ideas with you.
Okay, so the first business
idea for you
is to create an online course.
So many people do this.
So many people create
online courses.
It’s a way that you can make
so much money.
I’ve seen people who have
online courses
that generate seven,
eight figures a year.
So we are talking huge amounts
of money from doing this.
Obviously it doesn’t start
out that way,
but you can really create
a lot of success
with an online course,
or multiple online courses.
So if you were to create
an online course,
you would just simply
have a think
about an area of expertise
that you have.
So for example, if you worked
as a graphic designer,
then how could you take
that skill set
that you have and turn it
into an online course
that people would pay for?
So for example,
if you know how
how to create beautiful
graphics, and you can create,
for example, beautiful
social media graphics.
Do you know how to create
beautiful PDFs?
You know how to create
beautiful images
that could go on a website.
There’s a lot of people out
there who run businesses,
who need to do social
media graphics,
who need banners for
their website,
who need to potentially
create PDFs
as free workbooks or
free downloads,
and they have no idea how
to make them look beautiful.
So then with your skill
and expertise,
you could teach them
literally step by step
how to create beautiful
graphics for your business.
So many people would
want to buy that.
So obviously creating the
course depends on
what your area of expertise is,
what you do.
People create courses on how
to get your finances in order.
So for example, if you’ve got
an accounting background,
or if you’ve been an assistant
in a previous job,
your experiences around
So you might have loads
of knowledge
that you can share around
how to actually get organized.
It doesn’t have to be aimed
at businesses.
People have created plenty
of courses around
how to actually organize
your house,
how to organize your wardrobe,
how to organize your kitchen.
Or maybe you love cooking,
and you love creating recipes,
and you love food.
Even it could be a
course around
how to create a certain
type of cuisine.
So there are infinite ideas
for creating online courses.
All you need to do is go on
Google and start Googling it,
and you will find so many
incredible courses.
The thing about creating
a course is,
there are lots of platforms
that you can actually use
to host your course.
So you can use a platform
like Skillshare,
where you can have your
course on Skillshare.
And it’s a platform where you
upload your course,
and then you can get other
people to join Skillshare,
and actually take your class.
And there’s other people
on Skillshare
who might already be there,
that might want to
take your class.
There’s also a website
called Udemy,
so you can put your class
on Udemy as well.
Or you could decide to host
your course yourself.
There’s platforms like Teachable,
where you can create your
course and host it on Teachable.
And then you can work on
building up your audience,
and selling your course
to people
who would be really
interested in buying it.
And if you have an area
of expertise
that you know other people
would definitely benefit from,
then creating an online
course could be
an incredible route for
you to go down.
And it could potentially earn
you a lot of money.
So the second high income
business idea for you
is starting a business selling
It could be a digital printable,
or a physical printable.
And when you’re like,
“What the hell is a printable?”
Let me explain.
So this idea is a little
bit different.
This probably works more for
people who are already creative,
who like designing things.
So let me tell you a story.
A friend of mine,
Michelle Rohr,
set up a business where
she created a PDF,
which she called her
Ultimate Life Binder.
And in this Ultimate Life Binder
she had a series of questions
and prompts that people
could answer to help them
to basically design and
organize their lives.
So from like goal setting,
to looking at different areas
of your life to help you to
live the best life ever.
I think she originally started
selling this on Etsy for $21,
and I think now it sells
for over $40.
She has generated tens of
thousands of dollars
just selling one digital printable.
So it’s actually digital.
So when people buy it
from her Etsy store,
they get the link to
digitally download
this workbook, this PDF.
And then they can go
through it.
The last time I checked
with her,
it had generated over
$80,000 in revenue.
$80,000, she made the
printable once.
I’m sure she’s made
to it as she’s gone, but literally
it sits on her Etsy store,
and people just find
it and buy it.
So if you look at, say,
a skill set you have,
or again, an area of
expertise that you have,
could you build
something out
that could be really helpful
to someone?
So for example, let’s say
that you’re amazing
at home organization.
Could you put a little
pack together,
a digital pack that could help
people to get really organized
from their living room,
to the kitchen,
to the bedroom, something
that someone could take
and work their way through
to get really,
really organized at home.
So that they would be
willing to pay $20 or $40,
or something like that
for this printable.
So have a think on the
templates you could create,
are there PDFs that you
could create, workbooks,
guides that you could create,
eBooks that you could create?
I would have a look on Etsy.
I would have a look at
what’s there.
Go to Michelle’s website.
Her website,
Secret Owl Society,
and have a look at what
she’s doing,
and look at what her
printables are.
But just have a look,
and research and explore,
and just see what other
people are creating.
And maybe it’ll spark
some ideas
for what you could create
for your business,
because there’s a lot of money
to be made out of doing that,
and it’s simple, and you can
do it from home.
Okay, so the third idea for
making money online at home
is becoming a social
media manager.
So many of us absolutely
love social media today.
We are on Instagram,
or on Pinterest,
or on whatever platform
all the time, and we enjoy it.
So if you really, really love
social media,
what if you could turn that
skillset and that knowledge
into helping other people to
grow their social media?
So you could even take
a course,
and really learn the
in and outs of social media,
and how to help someone
else grow
their social media accounts,
and social media following.
And you could spend your
days pulling together ideas
and strategies for other
people to grow on.
For example, let’s say Instagram.
Now let’s say that’s the
platform you love the most,
Instagram, and you could
help people
to grow their Instagram
You could come up with
creative ideas
for them to create more
success with stories,
integrating polls,
using the chat function,
putting more engaging posts
out on Instagram TV,
or on their feed.
If you love social media,
and that’s something
that you could immerse
yourself in,
then that could be something
that you could do
to make money online.
And you could love it,
and you could do it
wherever in the world.
And you could get clients.
And you could think like,
“Okay, well who would be
my perfect client?
Would I want to work with
and business owners?
Would I want to work
with beauty brands?
Would I want to work with
food brands?
Who would I want to
work with?
Who would I love to help grow
their social media following?”
So if you enjoy social media,
that could be an amazing way
for you to start an online
business making money online.
The fourth idea for making
money online is
to sell your services
as an expert.
Again, thinking back to
what your skill set is,
what your area of expertise is,
thinking about how you
could sell that online.
So for example, if you are
a graphic designer,
then you could use your
graphic design skills
to attract clients and help
people with graphic design.
So if for example, you want
to work with businesses,
then you could set up a
business where you say,
“Hey, I’m a graphic designer.
I can create your logo for you.
I can put your branding
together for you.
I can create graphics for
your website for you.
I can create social media
graphics for you.”
Or let’s say for example,
you’re a life coach.
You could have one on one
calls with people.
So you can use a video chat
for example, like Zoom,
and you could chat one on one
with people on the internet.
And you could get clients
literally all over the world
working with you from your
home as a life coach.
You could have group calls,
again, using platforms like Zoom,
where you have say
5 or 10 people
on that group coaching call,
where you’re helping each
one of those people,
and they’re helping each other,
and you’re facilitating that.
So there are so many tools
out there to bring
communities together and
people together.
So if for example, you are
a coach,
then there are so many ways
you can actually create success
without you having to hire a
space somewhere locally to you,
and only working with
clients locally.
Even for example, if you’re
a personal trainer,
you work out with people.
You can do that virtually too.
So you can be at home,
or in a gym,
and you can get your laptop,
and you can stream the session.
Again, you could use Zoom,
where you say to someone,
“Hey right today, this is a
session we’re doing.”
And you put the plan together,
and you guide them through
the training,
and they could be in
another country to you,
but you’re still showing up
and training them.
It could be a group session
with 5 other people,
10 of the people,
50 other people in it.
And you’re showing up
online to do
a virtual training session
with them.
You could still do that.
There are so many ways
you can get creative,
and do something where
you’re leveraging
the power of the internet.
And the power of the
internet is that you get
to connect with people all
over the world.
And those people could
potentially be your clients.
You have got the ability to
scale so much bigger online
than you have locally,
which is really phenomenal.
So just get creative,
and have a think about
what could work best for you
when it comes to selling
your services or products
based around your
expertise online.
So my final idea for you is
to become a virtual assistant.
So for a lot of people
getting started out,
it could be really,
really a great starting point.
It might not be the be
all and end all,
but it could be a really
great way to get you
into the online business world,
and just get you started.
I know so many VAs who
have gone on to
do so many more things,
but they started out as
a virtual assistant.
So if you have a skill set
in being organized,
in supporting someone else,
in being someone’s right
hand person,
you just have to be willing to
show up and help someone,
help support someone,
help to be someone’s
biggest support.
And you can again, make
money online from that.
You could work from home.
So for example, for me,
I’ve worked with virtual
who have been in completely
different countries.
So I had a virtual assistant
who was in America.
And I’ve had virtual assistants
from other places in the world,
who have been an amazing
support for me,
and have been so helpful.
They’ve got things set
up for me online.
They’ve helped with my emails.
They’ve helped with little
tasks that I’ve had
that I’ve just assigned them.
They’ve just been so
incredible for me
as I’ve grown my business.
And there’s a lot of demand
for people like that
who want to
help support others.
So if you are someone that
loves helping people,
that wants to support people,
then you could get started
as a virtual assistant and
make a lot of money doing it.
And again, if you Google how
to become a virtual assistant,
you will find so much
help and support.
You will find so many groups
to join on Facebook.
There’s just so much
support out there
so that you can actually
make this your reality.
So many people are waking
up to the realization
that they can make so
much money online,
literally sat at home
on their laptop
with an internet connection,
or sat anywhere in the world
with your laptop and an
internet connection.
You have the ability to create
so much money
doing something that you
really, really love.
All you need to do is
start researching
and seeing what feels like
a good fit for you,
and then get going with it.
Maybe the first idea won’t
be the perfect idea,
but it will be a stepping stone
to get you there.
So I really hope you’ve
enjoyed watching this video.
I hope it’s given you
so many ideas,
and a lot of thought around
actually doing this for yourself,
because so much is
possible for you.
If you have enjoyed
this episode,
then make sure you
subscribe, and hit like.
And definitely leave a comment,
and let me know
which business idea resonates
the most with you.
I’ve also got another few videos
that might be of interest.
The first one is how to build
a business with no money.
And the second video is all
about starting a business.
So definitely check them
out if you are interested
in getting started with an
online business.
And I will see you next time.