5 Fat Burning Foods That Should Be The Backbone Of Your Diet

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Fat burning foods are the staples of your diet that keep you in the fat burning zone. Eaten on a consistent basis, they go a long way in determining what your body looks like and how you feel. More than exercise, more than supplements, nothing else dictates how much body fat you have, more than your diet.

As such, Eugene, our partner-in-crime, shows us that there are plenty of tasty choices of fat burning foods for you to eat when you’re dieting. He’s put together a comprehensive list of the 75 best foods to keep you in the fat-burning zone for our Dirty Little Book of Dieting.

In case you don’t yet have the Dirty Little Book, I’ve taken 5 of those fat burning foods and expounded a bit on why I make them a backbone of my diet, and you should too.

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