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If you have skinny biceps and you want bigger looking arms you will want to watch today’s video of the top 5 bicep exercises for wider/thicker looking arms.

There are 3 huge problems on why you might be crushing your bicep exercises every single week, curling in the squat rack until you are blue in the face, and still have “skinny looking” biceps when you are facing the front. I actually had this problem for years as i’m naturally skinny guy with long arms, in fact if you look at the circumference of your wrist and if it’s skinny – this probably means you don’t have the best arm genetics in the world.

The reason most don’t have bigger looking arms when facing the front is they don’t train the brachialis enough. The brachialis muscle is responsible for the bicep mass on the outer arm, and anatomically pushes up the long head of the biceps. This helps your arms look wider and thicker from the front, even when your biceps are completely unflexed and in a t-shirt. How to get bigger biceps starts with the right approach to hitting not only your bicep peak and outer bicep head, but your brachialis every single week.

If i can make huge progress on my bicep development when facing the front and build almost 18 inch arms naturally, you will probably see even better results than me – so pay close attention to the exercises in this video, take some notes and you will walk away in a few minutes with an exact blueprint on how to make rapid progress and get bigger wider looking biceps in just a few months.

Article Version – 20 Bicep Exercises For Bigger Arms: https://superhumanyou.net/exercises/bicep-exercises/

Bicep Training Mistakes mentioned in this video:

1. Bicep Training mistake: most bicep movements do not target the main muscle we need to have the illusion of having thicker/wider looking biceps when we are facing the front – and that is the brachiallis muscle… which is located directly beneath the long head of the biceps.

The brachialis muscle is situated beneath the biceps and is slightly visible if you flex the arm and palpate on the outside of it. just underneath your long head of the biceps is a muscle that might be popping out a bit that is located between the biceps and triceps. this is the brachialis. the function of this muscle is to flex the arm.

The biceps on the other hand will supinate the forearm and flex the humerus at the shoulder while still helping to flex the elbow. the main difference however is that due to the fact that a muscle is strongest in its midrange, the brachialis is going to be more strongly contributing to elbow flexion in the beginning third to half of an elbow bend and the biceps will kick in more strongly from the midpoint up.

Best Ways to activate the brachialis is with a hammer grip: halfway in between supinated and pronated (neutral grip, aka “hammer grip”)
What can we do to turn the biceps off even more? less supination and more pronation, which means your hands will be facing down.

Bicep Training Mistake 2: according to 1 of my favorite muscle building studies of all time “inside the muscle” – the 2 best bicep exercises are the weighted chin up and wide grip parallel grip pull-up, so besides the other exercises i’m going to share with you today – if you’re biceps are lagging overall do more of these.

Bicep training mistake 3: your form flat out sucks. On some of these exercises you will want to really focus on the eccentric portion of the rep and fully stretching the biceps at the bottom of the movement.

Now that we got the mistakes out of the way, let’s dive into these 5 bicep exercises for wider/bigger looking arms. If you have skinny biceps you should do this bicep workout twice per week, and perform 2 sets of each exercise.

Bicep Exercise 1/5: Iso Lean Hammer Curl
bicep exercise 2/5: db across the body curl
bicep exercise 3/5: pronated spider curls (dropset)
bicep exercise 4/5: pronated db curls
bicep exercise 5/5: wide grip parallel grip pull-ups

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