41 Small Business Ideas For Stay At Home Moms & Dads – Home-Based Businesses

Small business ideas for stay at home moms and dads that are totally doable for anyone interested in home based business ideas or for those who may be home bound. Links to resources I mentioned are right here:

✅ Writing:

✅ Sell/Drop shipping:

✅ Online Freelancing:
https://bit.ly/fiversucces (course)

✅ Crafting Outlets:

✅ Sell Products and Services To Your Neighbors:

✅ Create An Online Course:

✅ Learn Social Media Management For Local Businesses:

✅ Transcribe Audio & Video:

✅ Get Quickbooks Training For Bookkeeping:

✅ Learn To Repair High End Bicycles:

✅ Sell Your Original Photos / Audio / or Videos:

About this video: Phil Vandermeer discusses small business ideas for people who may not be able to get out of the house or who may simply prefer to develop an income from home. Some ideas are online and others are service oriented business ideas, possibly for neighbors and nearby businesses.

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hey Phil Vandermeer with Phil java.com
and today I’ve got 41 business ideas to
stir your creative juices even if you’re
bound to the confines of your home and
we’ll get started right after this
there’s a huge difference between a
home-based business and working at home
most home-based businesses require you
to leave the house to actually make
money that’s all well and fine but today
we’re gonna take a look at ideas for
people interested a real business
without leaving the house whether your
spare time part-time or full-time you
can make a great income with low
overhead right in the convenience of
your home and if you stayed at the end
of this video I’ll share my thoughts on
some key elements that can make or break
your home bound business so let’s get
right to it
article writing there are plenty of
places to submit well written articles
for extra cash many blog owners are more
than willing to pay you for your written
thoughts sites like barefoot writer I
writer text broker and about.com are
just a few of many sites that pay well
for good writing I’ve heard of people
who shop the clearance aisles at Walmart
and buy items in bulk just to resell
them on eBay there’s a little research
involved but it can be very lucrative
in fact one dentist actually quit his
practice to work with his wife
fulfilling orders on eBay dropshipping
Shopify stores are becoming more and
more popular these days a little
research can help you go a long way in
this money-making endeavor virtual
assistants are always in demand you can
sign up at oDesk up work or
freelancer.com and exploit your online
and offline skills for extra cash
whether it’s consulting creating video
any skill you have online like web
design can be sold on fiverr.com sign up
at fiverr.com and generate an income
from what you already know how to do
there are so many talents and skills
available on Fiverr it would be crazy
for me to try to list them all web
design graphic design crafting if you’re
crafty Etsy and eBay are great places to
sell your wares alterations if you enjoy
sewing your neighborhood is probably
full of people who need your service
you can advertise directly to your
neighbors for free at nextdoor.com
create an online course you to me and
teachables are just two of numerous
online marketplaces where you can create
an online course for showing off what
you know in exchange for some real hard
cash starting your own membership site
take online surveys if you’re the
strong-willed sort you can try network
marketing do you have life skills try
coaching through Skype or Google chats
and advertise on Facebook local business
social media management this one will
require you to reach out to local
businesses you can open the door by
offering your services for free just to
try out then start charging after you
show them you can generate results video
or audio transcriber check out
transcribe me for that one language
translator bookkeeping you can buy
software like QuickBooks and keep books
for yourself and other small businesses
bookkeeping can make great money month
after month logo design editor
maybe you’re handy with tools and have
spare room in your garage bike repair
could be fun and make some extra cash
especially if you know how to work on
high-end bicycles you could create a
podcast you could run an errand service
you could try your hand at writing and
copywriting many product sellers online
struggle with copywriting for their
sales pages and other online pages a
good copywriting course can set you on
path to lots of high-paying side jobs
appliance repair resume writing
babysitting you could start a storage
service if you have a garage an attic or
spare bedroom that you could rent out
jewelry or clock repair watch repair
social media expert again local
businesses want a social media presence
but don’t have time to actually do the
work start a Shopify store become a
music teacher picture framer it doesn’t
require a whole bunch of tools but you
will need some room in your garage to
pull this one off
you could start a washing and folding
service for your neighbors
pet boarding drone repair envelope
stuffing you need to dedicate a quiet
room outfitted with the proper items but
becoming a qualified massage therapist
is not that far fetched you could start
a YouTube channel and monetize it with
Adsense and affiliate product
and finally if you’re even a little bit
good with a camera you can earn
royalties creating stock photos stop
video or audio tracks by using software
like GarageBand or just a regular camera
and sell them on I start or the invade
Oh marketplace community colleges offer
great courses if you need skills you can
also find a real or online mentor to
teach you skills you want to pursue my
hat’s off to you if you want to start
making money at home these are really
just a very small handful of ideas in
the vast world of small business it’s
important to have the necessary skill
and the right attitude to get started
here are a few pieces of the puzzle
you’ll need to succeed you’ve got to be
committed it helps to choose the right
business but it’s not required if you
aren’t sure what it is that you love
forget about it shoot for what you know
and can do after all creating a business
is going to be work either way interact
with like-minded individuals it’ll help
keep you motivated spend more time
building your dream than thinking about
it there are way too many thinkers and
warriors and not nearly enough doers set
some realistic goals for this week write
them down and go about achieving them a
goal unachieved is merely an unfulfilled
wish and that’s exactly what you’ll have
if you don’t get busy master the basics
of bookkeeping and keep good records
your CPA will love you for it and it’ll
help keep you out of trouble
create a solid plan that includes what
you’ll do to make money how you’ll
actually make the money how you’ll
market it in a realistic timetable for
implementing your plan and the skills
you’ll need to succeed you don’t need a
homerun idea to succeed you just need to
follow through on a solid idea and never
give up don’t fall for the deceptive
idea of discovering your life purpose
before launching into entrepreneurship
it can easily derail your efforts if
you’re not yet sure what you want to do
and spend all your time trying to figure
out your purpose in life just believe in
yourself and get started on something
know that you’re capable just believe in
yourself because no one else will your
life purpose will work itself out if you
just get started so there’s my 41 ideas
for starting a business and you
work in the comfort of your own home I
work at home and struggle every day to
get things done it helps me to make a
daily a weekly and a monthly set of
goals to track my progress maybe
something like that can help you too
don’t be afraid of what it’ll take I
assure you the reality of working your
own business is very different than
thinking about it you can look in the
description of her links to everything I
mentioned in this video and maybe even
some I didn’t talk about hey thanks for
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