4 Tips on How to Run a Business With Kids at Home

4 Tips on How to Run a Business With Kids at Home


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Millions of Americans are now working from home every day — and not just working alone. They’re working from home with their spouses, roommates, and children.

Just because many offices are closed, that doesn’t mean that business has stopped. Working from home is critical to keeping our economies going — whether it’s therapists doing telework or teachers providing online courses for their students, or marketers who are creating social media posts from their kitchen table.

Working from home and being your own boss makes your life easier. But that isn’t to say it’s easy. There are challenges and hurdles you must get over to start making money running your own business while running your own household.

But the obstacles are all possible to get over if you plan and start your business the right way. Here are four tips to get you, your business, and your family ready for whatever comes your way.

Maintain a schedule
When your home is your office, it’s easy to feel like you are always at work and therefore, feel you should always be working. But, this can be a burden to both your business and personal life if you don’t know how to turn it off — especially if you have a family. So be sure to schedule hours that you’re working, and try to stay away from the computer if it’s not within that window.

Set expectations
Having clear communication on what children and other household members can (and can’t) do without asking you, will eliminate a lot of headaches. Most of us haven’t spent this much time at home, with this level of responsibility and uncertainty. It can feel like you need to be a Pinterest-perfect homebody with photo-perfect meals and mind-blowing science experiments and museum-quality art projects while still keeping up with your business goals.

This is a time to relax your expectations a bit and be realistic about what has to happen versus what you’d like to have happened.

Do your homework
Yes, this goes for both you and your kids! To reduce friction when you’re running your business while helping your kids, you’ll need to make sure you do your prep work. Along with keeping a standard schedule, make sure you have clear expectations for what needs to happen during work times — in particular during conference calls.

For older children, set a list of things that they can do (and eat!). This is an excellent time for them to work independently on schoolwork, read, or play a game. With younger kids at home, try to schedule calls during nap times or stagger your calls for when a partner is available to supervise.

Get support
There are many ways that you can get support to help you through this chaotic time. Plan times to meet up with in-person and trade-off support days. It can be good for the kids AND the parents, when done correctly. If you’re building your own homeschool, look for other like-minded homeschoolers you can learn from. There are local groups of people as well as online groups that you can be a part of.

Additionally, make sure you’re still taking care of yourself while you’re taking care of your family and your business. Take a shower every day, and get dressed, even if it’s just in clean, cozy clothes. Take time to read a book, or practice some meditation or yoga. Listen to a favorite playlist and have a dance party.

Remember, this is about figuring out what works for you, your business, and your family. Hopefully, these tips and ideas will help when wondering how to run a business and support your child at the same time.

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– Welcome to The Journey.
Today we’re talking about
how to run a business
with kids at home.
Change. It’s inevitable.
What worked last month
didn’t work last week,
and we don’t know how things
will look a month from now.
It’s difficult to manage
your work and home life
when they’re not supposed to
be occupying the same space.
As much as owning your
business offers the freedom
and flexibility, and an incredible level
of work satisfaction,
you need to remain motivated, organized
and consistent to make it work.
– Yeah, I wonder.
How do you make it work nearly, Nealey?
But, throw a child or two into the mix,
and remaining motivated,
organized, and consistent
can seem easier said than done,
particularly when you have to juggle
your parental responsibilities
with your work commitments.
– Yeah, it’s definitely tough
when I’m in meeting to meeting to meeting,
and I have my daughter in the other room
doing online school,
and then she comes and asks
a question, needs help.
And of course, I wanna help her,
but I also don’t want
to interrupt the people
I’m meeting with.
It’s a tough struggle.
And I get it, especially during this time.
But whether your kids are
doing the online learning,
a hybrid schedule, moving to homeschool,
or even just prepping for what can come
with an in-person learning model,
here are four tips to help you,
your business, and your
family get things done.
– That’s right. So how to run
a business with kids at home.
Number one, maintain a schedule.
When traditional, in-person school
was no longer an option,
that daily schedule
everyone was used to
was no longer relevant.
At first it may have felt
like a bit of a relief
to not be rushing to pack lunches
and get everyone out the door,
but having an established schedule
actually reduces stress
for both parents and kids.
– Yeah, you could do this
by creating a household routine.
Set alarms for when everyone
should be out of bed,
dressed, and have breakfast.
Just because you’re doing things at home,
doesn’t mean you shouldn’t
be getting breakfast
at the normal time or getting
dressed and things like that,
or actually wear pants for the day.
But, and you also have set times
for those physical activities,
such as a walk around the neighborhood.
Get out and walk those animals,
or play time at the park.
It’s important to take a break
from the increased screen
time and move those muscles.
– Absolutely. Get the
blood flowing, you know.
Plan times for group work
as well as individual work,
or play time, my favorite.
Even children as young as four or five
can have independent play activities
for 20 to 30 minutes,
but set aside regular times
for your own calls and
high-priority activities.
– Tip number two, set expectations.
So closely related to setting the schedule
is setting expectations.
It’s something that you hopefully do
with your clients or your customers.
Having clear communication
on what children
and other household
members can and can’t do
without asking you will
eliminate a lot of headaches.
Have a snack station,
so kids can grab themselves a snack
or a drink without being disruptive.
Create a chore chart that
enlists everyone’s help
in keeping up with the basics.
And use a signal for when
you are not to be disturbed,
unless of course there is blood
or a broken bone involved.
It could be as simple as a door sign
or a fun or specific hat or scarf.
My daughter knows that
if I’m in a Zoom call,
she’s not gonna run over and
go, “Dad, dad, dad, dad.”
She’s just gonna stand off in my view
and wait for me to have
a moment to address her.
Unless there’s blood or broken bone,
then of course I’m gonna deal with that.
– Absolutely. I have to ask, Nealey.
So do you have like a specific
door sign that you use?
– My office is in the living room,
so I don’t really have a door.
This is just a divider wall back here.
So she literally just walks up.
I’m available at all hours
of the day, unfortunately.
– Absolutely. (laughing)
Working overtime on the overtime.
So tip three. Do your homework.
Yes, this goes for both you and your kids.
To reduce friction when
you’re running your business
while helping your kids,
you’ll need to make sure
you do your prep work.
So double check what’s on
your kids’ to-do lists.
If you’re homeschooling,
this will include
reviewing your curriculums.
If your kids are going
through online education,
hybrid, or even in-person classes,
you’ll need to see their
projects and their due dates.
– Yeah, and review your business goals
and schedule for the week each week.
And make sure that you’re
aligned with your team
and they have what they need
to accomplish their goals too.
So plan ahead for meals and snacks,
have a meal plan,
and really take advantage of
services like grocery pickup
and meal delivery services,
I think my lunch is coming
here soon, to save time.
Some fantastic websites
like choosemyplace.gov
and foodhero.org are great resources
for healthy eating for the whole family.
– Yeah, allocate a few
minutes each evening
to do a household reset,
as we call it here.
Pick up and put away
anything that’s out of place
throughout the course of the day,
and get supplies ready for the next day.
– And our last tip is to get support.
So you are not in this alone.
There are many ways that you
can get support to help you.
So you can create a small
group of other parents
that are following the
same strategies as you,
and really plan times to
meet up with in-person
and trade-off support days.
It could be good for
the kids and the parents
when done correctly.
– Yeah, and if you’re
on the homeschool path,
look for other like-minded homeschoolers
you can learn from.
Find some local groups of people,
as well as online groups,
that you can be a part of.
And work with your partner if possible.
Often one parent feels like
they have to take on the full
burden of all the teaching,
but there are many ways you can share
the complicated life that
comes with social distancing
and remote learning.
– And hey, if you’re a single parent,
you may also be able to pair
up with another family member
or friend, or another parent
to provide that support.
Remember, this is all about figuring out
what works for you, your
business, and your family.
Enjoying a productive career
while taking care of your
children, four-legged or not,
is certainly a challenge.
– All right, that’s a wrap.
Hopefully these tips and ideas
will help with how to run your business
and balance your family at the same time.
Be sure to leave us a comment below
and don’t forget to
subscribe to our channel.
– And hey, ring that bell
so that you’re the first to know
when we have new episodes out.
This is The Journey.
We’ll see you next time.

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