4 Minute Fat Burning Workout – Tabata for Beginners to Master (No Equipment) – Losing 30lbs

This 4 Minute Fat Burning Workout is a Tabata workout that has proved to be extremely effective. Tabata can be coupled with strength training or done as a way to shed extra pounds. This particular workout can be done by beginners or those at a higher fitness level. It features no equipment and movements that most can perform. Tabata can increase your heart rate while maintaining your lean body mass.

4:28 – Workout Begins

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Tabata is a form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that is done when you perform an exercise for 20 seconds at max effort with a 10 second rest in between. You can appoint a designated time and in this case the workout is 4 minutes. (Please be sure that when exerting max effort you pay attention to form as improper movement can lead to muscle imbalances and injury.)

I recommend tabata workouts (especially in the 4 minute range) for men, women, the business professional, working mom, and generally anyone with little time for long workouts.

Tabata increases your metabolism by way of EPOC (Excessive Post Oxygen Consumption) and can aid in burning calories long after the workout is complete. This is what makes a 4 minute tabata workout so effective.

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