4 Min Fat Burning Workout

4 Min Fat Burning Workout

Interval preparing is an immense calorie consume exercise particularly on the off chance that you rehash this multiple times.
In the event that you push your maximum during this preparation, you can without much of a stretch consume 10 to 15 calories for every min. Toward the finish of this cardio, you will be doused in sweat and totally exhausted. Spryness stepping stool is one of my preferred types of fun cardio preparing.

There are total 6 Exercises in this Interval Training. It uses my favorite interval format, 10 sec rest and 45 sec work.

Beginner’s Can Do 4 rounds with 45 sec break
Intermediate Can Do 8 Rounds with 30 sec break

You can play out this open air or indoor dependent on your inclinations and the climate outside.

Below are the 6 Exercises
Cardio Workout
1. Double Leg Hopping
2. Single Leg Hopping
3. Alternate Side Hopping
4. Fast Tapping
5. Alternate Tapping
6. Side Way Hand Walk

Burn calories and fat.
Hopefully You Like this Workout.

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Good Luck!!!

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