(4.1) Future of Pi mobile mining: Community discussion – Pi COiNVENTION 2020

(4.1) Future of Pi mobile mining: Community discussion – Pi COiNVENTION 2020

The most important reason for continuing mining is to include more people to Pi Network
Then more people can join it.
The more Pioneers there are, the more Pi would be used as an everyday currency,
and the exchanges would be more and more.
More people could be able to buy services and products and to sell services and products.
The reason for stopping mining is to keep the value of the coins.
If there are too many coins in the system like hundreds of trillions, the coins would not be worth anything.
For even a small transation, a high number of coins would be necessary.
This is quite unreasonable and unpredictable,
so we must avoid this, that the currency will lost all its value.
The reason for continuing mining is that you need to provide constant support to the coins
to replace all the Pi that is excluded from the economy.

As Pi would be a currency, it would need a constant supply that can keep the transactions in motion to be recorded,
and this is the fuel of the economy.
So if there was no or not enough supply, that would block the transations and block the development.
Hey, everyone! Basically, for me, the reasons for continuing mining is that the value of the Pi is going to be broader,
and there’s going to be more people using it.
thereby significantly increasing the usefulness of the network.
Also, some people will have good ideas as to how the security can be improved,
and if people know about Pi Network, then there will be more inflow of ideas
and eventually making the cryptocurrency one of the largest on the market.
Hi, there! We should stop mining as early as possible.
Here is why. We will present this in two parts:
first, the benefits of stoping mining at 10 million users,
and second, the consquences of contiuing mining after 10 million users.
Here are what are benefits. First, my friends and I have a target amount of Pi that we want to reach before Phase 2,
and if we stop mining before we reach that target, there are two scenarios:
First, we will buy more Pi to reach this target,
or two, we will value Pi more because we do not have the amount of Pi that we consider as enough.
And two, whatever is the amount of Pi that a Pioneer has when they stop mining, it means that s/he values it more than before.
And three, when we stop mining, it means that there
is no longer
a distribution of Pi which creates a
rarity for Pi.
And here is the second part the
consequences of continuing mining after
10 million users.
Some pioneers start leaving the project
they think it takes a lot of time
to implement, and if we continue
mining, we will obviously lose
some of the earliest pioneers
of Pi, which isn’t on the goal of the Core Team,
and two, when we continue mining
we will probably
reach and maybe have more than the
amount of Pi that we consider as enough,
which means that we will obviously value
Pi less. And three,
there will be a lot of Pi in
which is not rare.
And for all Facebook groups,
a lot of pioneers, at least new ones,
ask always when can I sell my
Pi, which is not our goal if everyone
wants to sell their Pi.
If we continue
mining, that means we will have
more and more inexperienced Pioneers
with the goal is just to sell Pi
which is not
our goal. So we should obviously stop
mining at 10 million users.
Hi, I’m Tina from Malaysia. So I think
when we reach
10 million users, it should be halved, and
then we should promote it.
At least not that everyone who does not
believe in Pi, but
I’m pretty sure a lot of people out
there who
did not know about Pi. So we should
definitely take another year
to let people know more about Pi. So we
can choose
either to stop mining on 2021 march 14
or 2022
March 14 and go to the Mainnet.
Currently, we are using only one phase
for one year, so it is definitely normal
to complete the three phases within
three years. So the number of suspended
is not necessary to have 100 million users
just provide a designated date,
and then everyone will have a real goal.
My name is Timothy from Nigeria, and my
Pi username is
Timzy. I want to speak on the
pros and cons of using our mobile
devices to mine Pi. During the Testnet
for the Pi Node,
notice that various users couldn’t
access the Pi
on the systems because the system was
not compatible with the Pi Node.
The Pi Node requires systems to have a
minimum of level of operating system
running on them.
In fact, the docker daemon refused to work
on some certain systems,
mine included and some other friends of
mine had the same issues with the docker
If the mobile mining is should be
continued, more users will be able to
access the Pi
without interference or glitches
or system problems because a user
wouldn’t be able to carry his laptop or
system wherever he’s going if he wants
to mine Pi.
But with his mobile device,
he could easily mine Pi
wherever he is, whatever he’s doing at every
given location,
he could be able to access Pi. Another
reason why
Pi on mobile mining shouldn’t be
is that it attracts more users when they
learn that
it doesn’t consume much battery, doesn’t
consume much data
doesn’t cost much time ,just with the
click you could mine
for 24 hours, then come back to following
it do the same thing.
It attracts more people to come to
mine, like
bitcoin, when it started recently in 2007,
I could remember that I found it
difficult to
mine bitcoin because I couldn’t
have a system then that was able to
work with bitcoin. So I lost out on that, but
since this is a decentralized system
whereby various parents are able to come
in the aim of growing a family of Pi,
we could actually use the mobile mining
achieve that. Notice in less than two
years, we are able to have seven million
and still rising, but if you should go by
system, not everyone is able to access
the system not everyone is able to buy a
system to use to
mine Pi. So I think mobile mining
should be continued,
and if there’s any limit in mobile
mining, it should be that
new users wouldn’t be able to mine at
the same rate as previous users, and if
they want to mine that certain rate,
they need to buy the Pi
from existing users, and then it
helps more people to come in
And those who already existing
Pioneers will be able to gain more
from the Pi. Thank you.
Hello, Pi!
If you stop the mobile mining, you’re
killing your platform, I believe,
as this was the feature that got
seven million users in under
two years.
I believe
if you stop it, you you will kill your
I think you just need to lower the
mining amount, so much that
it’s also worth mining
the normal computer way of mining,
but don’t don’t kill the app
by or your product by
removing one of the features that got
you into the market.
Hello! As you already know cryptocurrency is
on supply and demand. If you see the top
crypto right now, we have a
total supply of less than 20
of 1 billion, only less
like tether, xrp,
and cardano have many billion in supply.
For this reason, I believe that Pi should
have a small
supply after 10 million users.
For me after 10 million users,
from my perspective,
we have to have for all pioneers
the mining rate close to 0.1 percent
per hour,
and after the 100 million, we shall have
to stop
mining for everyone, so as to
have less supply and already have built
a strong demand for Pi Network. This
is my opinion
based on the data and facts
I have seen for the last three years on
the crypto market.
I believe that if we want to build
strong reputation
and strong price for Pi, we have to
do this in this way, and don’t
have a
extremely big and massive supply
and a build less demand for Pi.
Thank you very much.
Dear project party, hello, I am from China. My nickname is sunny521.
I am a Pi senior miner.
We are very proud of Pi’s current
results. The White Paper also mentioned
that everyone is equal, which is unique
to the faction.
It should be no problem for Pi members
to reach 10 million in two months.
What is worrying is that the loss of all
the members
is very serious, if it
cannot be carried out in a short time,
Pi will lose its appeal. The next two
months are very critical.
According to the White Paper, production
will be discontinued or reduced after 10
million members.
If production is discontinued, we
must follow up,
otherwise there will be a vacuum period.
Merchants are very optimistic about the
future tradeof Pi coin.
Of course, I am also very optimistic, so I
invested in ecology.
The goal is to earn Pi coin
while creating an ecosystem.
I suggest a stop in production.
Real benefits are implemented,
and the true popularity of Pi is
There are a large number of people in
China and potential customers
who love Pi will be tapped instantly,
which will support the value increase of
If the production is stopped until 100
million miners,
the continuous production of coins will
cause harm to the interests of the whole
and the Pi will not be able to
maintain its value and
lose its scarcity. Then I believe that
many businesses will no longer create
Isn’t it the purpose to
earn more coins? Who will make service
dedication for the
project? Every day, I use my mobile phone
to tap the
lightning. It may take many years to
reach 100
million miners. It’s so easy to get a
mobile phone for free,
while investing. Merchants and
entrepreneurs are very sure
that the sale is not worth it, only they
know it.
Miners are not the only value given to
Pi. Its value depends on how many
ecological businesses and
investors recognize Pi Network, which is
the most important.
Why is the bitcoin so high? It’s not
because the total amount is small,
but because many people recognize it.
Even if there is only
one total, and no one recognizes it, it is
worse. I
hope my proposal will be beneficial to
Pi. Finally, I want to say that Pi
is a great project. One Pi, One World!
I love Pi Network!
Hey, guys! I believe mining should stop
after 100
million or 1 billion,
there’s an issue of deflation and
However, if you cut the
the production of Pi too early at 10
I believe that there won’t be as much
interest from outsiders
joining the network because right now
the whole purpose of the app is
is to acquire Pi coins. So if
if people can’t get Pi, why would they
join? Why would they even download the
So I think that’s an important aspect
to it.
and secondly,
if we have a currency that cannot be
earned, only maybe
via nodes, which will be minimal, I guess,
then it would it would make the coin
rather deflationary, and
and that we would encourage holding
rather than
spending. So if we have that, then
people would rather hold that currency
instead of using
dapps and exchanging it for products and
I feel that the
Core Team should explore the idea of
universal basic
income. I don’t know if it would work or
not. I don’t have too much experience in
this. I just think that
if everybody’s in this huge mobile
mining ecosystem and is
and then that’s the way to get the
application to the most people because
they have full access to
to full functionalities
of the blockchain, meaning they can mine,
send and receive coins, and they
can participate as a node.
So I think if everybody gets this
then if everybody could get this
then that would mean that we could reach
out to more and more people,
instead of just
buy our coin because now you can’t get
anymore and there’s like 10 million of
because yes that there’s a great
incentive of
of building dapps and and using
our platform.
However I feel the community enjoys
the mining process,
and it gives them something to to
forward to each day.
And I feel that with decentralization
and the whole branching out
of the cryptocurrency scene in general,
I think it should give
an income source from
using a mobile, so just
having the Pi miner on, rather than just
you have to trade ,or you have
products and services. Obviously, I don’t
know the exact numbers of the coins, but
I would encourage the Pi Core Team to explore this.
Hi, guys! Whether you stop the mining
at 10 or 100 million, that would be
something to discuss
about. To me, mobile mining should
definitely stop,
as it is stated in the White Paper. In
order to have a max supply,
you need to stop mobile mining. If you
stop mobile mining
at 10 million population or 10 million
I think it is very important to let
new users join Pi Network even in this
Phase 2, iff we stop the mining
before Phase 3, because we will reach
10 million
engaged pioneers well before Phase 3,
and when we talk about that 100 million
users number,
that’s the number that I
first read
inside the White Paper last year.
I think 100 million would be an optimal
number to stop the mobile mining because
it would be the best for the
Pi’s economy, but one billion
users, that’s out of question to me. I
think that is not good.
We want to keep Pi scarce,
and again we want to bring it to the
hands of as many people as we can.
For me 100 million, as first stated in a
White Paper,
is the best number, but it should
definitely stop.
Hello, everybody! How are you doing? Hope
you are doing well!
In my opinion for the first question,
which is we have to stop
mining after 10 million Pioneers.
It is just because of maybe there is
a lot of people
that they’re trying to get mining all
day to reach that the target, the dream that
they want,
and we should stop mining just for
temporary time because we let those people that they
trust Pi Network or trust to mining,
and we will give them the second chance
to do it. And of course if we
try to stop mining for temporary time, like
10 days, maybe you will get
a lot of emails and comments that they would
like to
mining to continue. So in my opinion,
we should we should stop mining just
for temporary time,
and then we let them and give them
a second chance,
and we will see how they respond,
how they get to
Pi Network again. So this is
my opinion, and I think that’s going to
be really useful.
Thank you so very much! Bye!
We shouldn’t
stop mining at the current time. I would like to
suggest a solution. First of all,
we should cut the current mining rate
from 0.4 to 0.1 for the 10 million pioneers
to protect the Pi’s scarcity. Scarcity
people confident in Pi’s value, and we
halve the 0.1 to .05 at 20 million
Hello! I believe that Pi should end its
mining at 100 million users. If we were
to stop at 10 million the base of
the Pi Network would not be large enough,
and attracting more pioneers after 10
million would be very difficult.
I believe that a billion would be too
that Pi scarcity would not
and the value per Pi greatly diminished.
At 100 million, which I believe is the
time to end
mining. You would balance scarcity with
having a large Pi Network that
could support sellers and vendors and
sorts of people who would offer goods
and services
on Pi Network. Thank you, and
thank you for your consideration!
So the reasons for stopping mining,
the special thing of
money, the special characteristic
of money, is
it’s not so distributed
that everybody in the world has the same
So you have to find the
balance between
inflation and deflation. So if you have
too much of Pi, you can get you get a
kind of inflation.
So people will buy a jar of honey
not for one Pi but maybe for 100 Pi.
So one Pi would be worth maybe
003 cents versus like
bitcoin you can buy for
0.0001 bitcoin
a lot of things. So one bitcoin is over
now 1,000 euros. So
in my opinion 10 million is the right
amount of people
who got access for free
to Pi, and it’s a
solid stable basis,
and from there it will grow
exponentially. So if already 10 million
people have it, and
then people have to buy and
sell it. It will grow very quickly,
not like from zero to
one million. So this is the main reason
to keep the worth of
Pi, to keep the value of Pi,
to help Pi
prevent from inflation,
and therefore also stay
fair to the people who already have Pi,
they already collected Pi,
and if this Pi is now
getting less and less value, it would be
kind of frustrating for the people who already have Pi.
The reasons for continuing
mining is the opportunity for more people to
get this new cryptocurrency,
especially for the pioneers who recently
and this currency to be
more presented, and more people to
to have it, to have enough of the
currency for the exchanging.
Hello! I am from Vietnam, and
today I want to tell you the reason why
I personally think that Pi coin should
when it reaches the number of 10 million

Pi is quite valuable,
and at the moment many people consider
Pi coin
is the most popular coin in the world.
And I see the potential in Pi coin, and
that’s why
I think it should stop when
the number of users reaches 10 million
around the world. The popularity of Pi
coin is you know indisputable at the
and that’s why I think if we stop mining
when it reaches the number of 10 million
users, the price of Pi
coin in the future will be valuable
because the price of a cryptocurrency
depends on the
supply of it. It means that
we don’t need to have many people who
cryptocurrency, but we need to prove that
the cryptocurrency that we are
developing has
potential and is useful for people.
As I can see, Pi coin is a very useful coin
because it
helps people to purchase something from
other countries
to help them use Pi coin as
digital money. It means that you can
use this for
exchange of items or for
conducting transactions around the world.
And that’s why in my opinion Pi coin should
stop mining.
Both have pros and cons, but
I will mention
the benefit that continues that
will allow
more people to build up their
cryptocurrency wallet
and let it grow and and to have the
opportunity to
to mine as well to be mining. On the
other hand,
if it stops, it will
create a limited currency
among the market, and that will provide a
better value for the cryptocurrency
Pi in this case.
So stopping will
create a limited resource, that will
create better value in the future,
and continuing mining will allow people
as well
to create, as myself I’m new on this, and I’m happy to be part of Pi mining.
You have to make sure that the mining
stops, so that it does not lose value,
and people continue to have faith.
People are tired of mining nowadays.
You can’t keep giving out
if you do this, then the value will go
very, very, very down.
From four aspects, too many of the
production is suspended,
and the number of circulating Pi is far
enough to support an extremely large
circulation of economical community.
I think the original intention
of Pi is to
serve more people, plus the life circle
release mechanism in the White Paper.
In a future, people will not only use Pi
for transactions
but also have the properties of
storage and value added, such as
financial management and
in the bank,
which will be more secure and valuable.
If so, the number of Pi will be more
For the long term consideration, it is
suggested to
temporarily set the target of stopping
at 100 million users. In the
the comprehensive value of the total
of user and
the number of Pi can be applied through
ecology and circulation.
Thirdly the new pioneers have so much
that cannot to be deprived
of their right to preach. Weakness
in all the pioneers is a normal
and what it needed is make 20 percent
who actually contribute
and follow the project site rather than
number of registered users data
contribute and finally enjoy results.
Fourth the global goal
of the project site is very large,
and it needs time to be taken matters
step by step.
It takes not enough time for the
and the ecology to be completely
prepared. Finally, once mining is
we must go to the main network to ensure
positive circulation Pi,and the currency
price should fly fluctuate and arise in
order to meet the Pioneers’ technological
If we reduce mining, the most important
matters are to have a strategic
with a big company an official timetable
for the release of the basic currency of
and so on, to give pioneers forward
to and something to do.
Well, we should continue mining, not
too very long, but up to a certain
limit and make more people aware
of what is going on and
do a bit more marketing, and it will
spread this news, and after that once, it
reaches its limit, like
15 million or 20 million, then we should consider
stopping it
and increasing pi value in the market.
Slower growth can be advantaged as well
because it can be
more controlled, more
purified. When you have slower growth, there is
no need to burn Pi. This is the second
We would know the total amount of
Pi produced. This is very important
advantage as well.
One may ask what are the
reasons for continuing mining.
I would say raising more awareness,
individuals having opportunity to
accumulate more Pi coins, especially
those pioneers who recently started
gaining momentum
on the cryptocurrency by reason of
public interest,
promoting hope for modern cash
is in digital cash readily on one’s
phone or laptop or iPad or whatever
Android device they may use at that time,
promoting the vision
started by our 3 PhD excellent
team at Stanford, world and team, and
the power
in disabling current systems by
of which Pi is the most
innovative currency idea I know.
The more the people, the more likely
it will gain popularity and
momentum, and also last but not least, a
chance to help those who are impoverished,
or those who have no money to buy
and promoting
affordability, which in
will promote the health of the nation
and also promote financial
most of all joy for all those who take this opportunity.
Okay, thank you, why we want to continue
mobile money, in my opinion
when we continue mobile mining, it will
helps to reach many people,
but we have to continue mobile mining
to at least 100 million people, which helps
to reach
many of them, many of the countries. Many
of the people
don’t know about the Pi Network,
Pi coins. If we continue mobile mining,
it helps to reach many of them. We can
many more people to Pi Network because
Pi Network means it’s a
networking, it’s communicating each other,
or it’s a connecting people.
I think we have to add many more people.
We have to reach many more people,
so it will become social
that will be a part of their life.
I think it will helps to be a part of
their life as a Pi coin
for their daily needs. Thank you.
Continuing mining is going to add more people to the Pi community, but I want to see
10 million as very strong
a group of people, these are really
1 million. It has to be solid 1 million.
So if 1 million
people and probably a few a million or
two not active so you need to go to 12
million, so you make sure
you have 10 million active members.
That’s going to make the Pi
community very strong
and supportive to launch
to the world.
Also, continuing should be
based on services or support
provided to the Pi community, and
that way you encourage people to come in,
but they have to provide some kind of
services or support
and to give it some value,
and that way everybody gets the reward
after this
long waiting and support for the Pi community.

or not,
the total supply will stay the same. It’s
not like bitcoins, creating a new tokens
blocks. Pi will have determined supply and
the creation of blockchain.
And if you don’t give Pi to
everyone, they will have to buy tokens,
and this is good for Pi valuation, but this is not what it comes first.
I don’t believe that we should stop
mobile mining.
What I suggest we do after it hits
100 million,
we should make it more
to the point where it’s, for
instance, if 100 million,
now every coin that you mine, you have to
invite even more people to mine
or have a bigger network of miners to
get more coin.
Let them work the people that did the
work in the beginning
benefit from the people who were now
coming on board
after we are we have hit the market. Make
it a plateau,
like every
plateau, you get to different
levels of the coin, so the pioneers who are really
putting in the work right now,
for instance myself, I shared with
like over
100 people already, and for me, I feel
we shouldn’t just have it where you only
get five people
or three to five people in your first
share because
I have friends in different
countries, and they all see my status,
and they all copy the link and attach it
and use it because I call
people in South America to
download this, and they’re using it, but I
can only to choose five people,
so every
level we should at least be able to add
more people to the Security Circle
because it only makes us all stronger.
The pros and cons of halving. Pi is
currently the first
mobile money app, and it is the only app
that can be found the
in Google Play store or Apple store. This
is very rare.
At present, Pi users in the
cryptocurrency industry account for less
than 10%
of the entire population in this world,
and Pi
can attract the attention of global
mobile phone users.
By far, mobile phone users account for
of the entire planet’s population,
which is
around 50%. The downside
is that it must be very tormenting for
Pi users who join early. After all,
one year of persistence is very
difficult, and I believe
that the speed after the halving will
definitely slow down,
so that 100 million real users is a
challenging goal.
The pros and cons of stopping mining, only
stopping mining can be used on
the Mainnet. dapp and nodes will have a way to
get these tested
for real, and the total supply will be
The blockchain will be only be complete
listed on the exchange. But the downside
that out of the current 10 million users,
how many of them
own two mobile phone? Although
is KYC, there might be around seven
million users
who can really circulate, and there are
not enough people who recognize Pi.
So, Pi Network still have so much space
to grow.
And how many pi users should stop mining?
When should we stop mining?
When should mining be discontinued?
I think that when we reach 10 million
users, it should be halved,
and then we should promote it. It is not
that everyone does not believe in Pi,
but there are many people who do not
know Pi.
We should take another year to let more
people know Pi Network.
We can choose to stop mining in
like 2021,
March 14, or 2022 March 14,
and go to the Mainnet. Currently, we are
one year for one space, so it’s normal to
complete the three phases within
three years. The number of suspended
is not necessary, 100 million users.
Just provide a designated date, then
everyone will have a real goal. The value
bitcoin comes from scarcity, and the
value of ethereum
comes from ecology.
Then if Pi is to become the first in
market cap and surpass
these two cryptocurrencies, it have to
win the traffic of global mobile phone
so I support halving. What are your
perspectives on stoppping mining or
halving? Thanks!
Hello, Pi Core Team!
Today, I got an email, and I am excited with the
I will answer the question: When should mining stop?
I think we should stop at 100 million because the number
of Pi is still increasing, but the number
of Pi
in the market is small. Pi should be
scarce for high value. Thank you.
We should stop mining
after one billion because then at the
time, the network is really
and at that time we should be checking
how can we
help the people with more processing, and
mining rate should be high, so
at that time when we use
one billion and still mine at a low rate,
people may tend to leave the
and that is a problem at that point.
So what we should do is
start node in the PCs. So
according to the cpu and the processor,
how the power consumption is
using at the
time, and that’s how the
cryptocurrency, bitcoin, any coins are created.
So that’s how we will
be able to run the node.
So what we should do is we should start
in the PCs, and we should stop at one
billion in the mobile phones.
Advantages are that we can mine at a
higher rate, and at that time we have
built a huge network
around like one billion, so we should
using a higher rate at that point.
People would be tend to stay
to see the rate increase. So we
should use
PCs and higher-end devices.
The disadvantage
comes around there where people who can’t
afford personal computers,
like laptops and desktops, which are not
used daily, unlike
mobile phone mobile phones which
pretty much everyone has.
So it is advantageous for the people
who use mobile phones, but it’s a disadvantage right now
after one billion people,
when you see mining rate should be
higher after one billion because we have
a huge network. We should keep the people at that point.
So the reasons for continuing mining,
I do believe that as for now there are
more to market reasons.
By our engaged pioneer count of 8
million by now, I do believe that
market-wise we are performing a lot
a lot nicer than it was some months ago.
Personally, I’m trying to expand our
product and promote it in my home
country of Bulgaria.
So when should we stop our mining? I do believe that
that should be with the end of the
either quarter one quarter two or
quarter three of next year. I do not know
when it will be the time when they will
release the vaccine that they are
completing. I do believe that that is the
time when we should
end our mobile mining and turn on mining
only available as for the Pi Nodes and next year, in my opinion.
My reasons for asking
us to stop mining when we have reached a
certain level of
network size will be that if we don’t
mining at a certain point when our
pioneer member
size has increased and
the awareness globally have gotten to
that such high level,
if we don’t stop mining, we may get into
a point
when we will have a lot of circulating of
Pi digital currency that will be in
circulation. That may definitely be
above the level of the demand, and at
that point, you’ll find out that that
will cause devaluation. It will lead to
devaluation of the coin,
so we have to stop mining at a certain
so that we will be able to have a
measurable and limited amount of
Pi currency that will be in circulation.
By then you’ll find that there
will be the demand of every
living being, just like today people
asking and valuing dollars or pounds.
That is what will eventually definitely
happen to
Pi digital currency, if we control
the level of the mining, the number of
the currency in circulation, and of
course the level of the supply. Thank you.
Continuing to mine Pi for some more time would
give new members the opportunity to mine
some more Pi for themselves
and also try to involve
new people as Pioneers
and make them the members of this
a digital currency where everyone is
embraced and nobody’s left out,
as far as they are interested.
So I think we should allow
mining of Pi for some more time.

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