30 minutes Hitt home workout by fat burning 5 top exercises ।।#Homeworkout #ABS #fat #homgym

Yes Friends, this a perfect home workout to reduce belly fat and get a flat stomach in a week, so no more excuses, just switching on this video and starting working out with me on my speed and pace and see the magic happen. Try these 5 Easy Exercises For Weight Loss At Home and see how your weight melt away. These are 5 Simple Exercises To Shape Your Body For Beginners Level and can be done easily by both men and woman so even if you suffer for any sort of knee pains, joint issues or physical conditions such as obesity. You will be happy to know that these easy exercises
3 rep 10×12, 10× 12
leg raises
3 rep 10×12, 10×12
bicycle toe taps
3 rep 10×12, 10×12
3 rep 10×12, 10×12
madicine twist
3 rep 10×12, 10×12
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