30 Minutes Full Body Fat Burn Bootcamp by The Fitness Effects

30 Minutes Full Body Fat Burn Bootcamp by The Fitness Effects


Join me for a full body conditioning class designed to get your body moving, working and burning fat.

Thank you for checking out my YouTube channel I hope you have enjoyed my workout routines. For more routines and a big variety of different training programmes please check out my website

www.thefitnesseffects.com and sign up today for a weeks free trial and instant access to all routines.

You will find a big variety of exercise programmes to suit all abilities that will get your body moving and get you fantastic results. Real Training for Real Results.

For those new to exercise the Done In 21 Editions are great starting point. There are 3 different routines, a Body Weight, Kettlebell and Dumbbell version, each with 21 different workouts and all done in 21 minutes or less.
There is also a Starters 30 Day Plank Challenge to help you learn a variety of different plank positions.

Fancy a different Plank challenge? Then the 30 Day Plank Challenge will definitely provide that. 30 days, 30 different planks with the goal of holding each day for between 30 seconds and 3 minutes.

The No Gym Body Weight programme, which is exactly what it says and has 9 different routines plus 1 stretch all using your body weight.

Ultimate Full Body Dumbbells programme with 9 different routines and a chance to use one of the gym favourites.

For those used to regular exercise, then check out the Hard Core HIITS, and fantastic high intensity workout programme with 8 different full body routines in.

Get Fit Without Getting Hit which is boxing inspired programme with 5 different routine in. You will need punch bag, boxing gloves and skipping rope for these routines.

Get Fit Without Getting Hit Ground and Pound Version is a MMA inspired programme and its time to take the punch bag off the wall and throw it on the floor. You will also need some gloves (MMA ones) and a skipping rope.

Done in 10 is a series of routines all completed in less than 10 minutes. Perfect to fit around a busy lifestyle and are broken down into 4 sections. Upper body, Lower body, core and abs and full body. Each sections has 5 different routines for 20 results based routines.

The one of kind, Hibrid programme where you pick and choose your own routine. You want to work on strength then pick the Dumbbell or Body Resistance sections, want to work on your cardio system then pick from either the High Intensity or Intervals section. You design your own routine.

No workout routine is complete without a stretch, so follow any of the routines in the GoFlo section or the Stretch and Strength routines. These are are mix of low impact body weight strengthening exercises mixed in with some stretches for awesome all over routines.

These are just some of the routines that you get instant access to and can take with you wherever you go.

You also get instant access to some fantastic e-books that you can download including a Nutritional Planner packed full with 21 different recipes, Simply Super Smoothies with 26 delicious drinks and 7 Simple Steps to Losing Fat and Keeping It Off.

Don’t forget to check me out on Facebook, just search for The Fitness Effects and LIKE the page for the vary latest updates and news. So go on and sign up today and start training from the comfort of your own home, office, hotel room or wherever you go on your travels.

I hope you enjoy the workouts and they inspire you to keep moving forward on your health and fitness journey.

Coach Adrian

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