30 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout (Intermediate Yoga)

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Don’t let staying home prevent you from keeping fit! This 30-minute Intermediate yoga class will stretch and tone your entire body and improve balance and flexibility. This video will guide you through our yoga workout comprised of intermediate to advanced postures, perfect for experienced yogi’s

If you are feeling stressed, over-worked or emotionally drained by the general stresses of day to day life?… Then this yoga sequence is a peaceful, relaxing way to start your day.

This power flow workout is a great challenge for experienced yogi’s, so get your yoga mat and let’s begin this vinyasa flow!

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Yoga Pose List:
Boat Pose – 00:20
Low Boat – 00:40
Reverse Table Top – 01:11
Puppy Posture – 01:36
Sphinx – 01:53
Floating Table – 02:13
Downward Facing Dog – 02:25
Ragdoll – 02:36
Halfway Lift – 03:10
Plank – 03:29
Cobra – 03:43
Three Legged Dog – 04:13
Low Lunge – 04:35
Forward Fold – 04:52
Warrior II – 07:33
Star Pose – 07:50
Wide-Legged Forward Fold – 08:00
Side Lunge – 08:22
Chair Pose – 09:58
Chair Squats – 10:08
Eagle Pose – 13:11
Garland Pose – 14:40
Garland Twist – 16:02
Revolved Chair – 16:58
Side Crow – 17:24
Revolved Crescent Lunge – 18:17
Revolved Low Lunge – 19:03
Twisting Half Lizard – 19:20
Boat Crunches – 25:39
Bridge – 26:25
Wheel Pose – 27:05
Fire Log – 29:08
Cow Face Pose – 29:30
Plough Pose – 30:12
Knees To Chest – 30:43

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