30 MINUTE Fat Burning Tabata | At Home Workout

Tabata HIIT workouts are extremely effective for burning fat and getting fit fast. This 30 minute at home workout combines heart raising cardio moves with toning exercises using dumbbells. If you don’t have dumbbells, grab some soup cans or what ever you have on hand. Low Impact Options for all Cardio Moves included.

Workout Routine:

5 Minute Warm up
5 Tabata HIIT (2 exercises x 8 rounds with 20 sec work, 10 sec rest)
Tabata 1 – Wide Grip Row / Cross Jacks
Tabata 2 – Crescent Bicep Curls / Knee Raises
Tabata 3 – Push Ups / Pop Squats
Tabata 4 – Crab Toe Taps / Ghost Rope
Tabata 5 – Plank Walks / Squat Thrusters
Wall Sit & Plank Challenge (1 Minute 30 seconds each)

We finish with a 5 minute post-workout Stretch!