30 min Fat-Burning Zone Rowing Machine Workout- Advanced

This is an Audio-Based Workout focused on the Fat-Burning zone

The fat-burning zone workouts on the rowing machine, in particular, is the range of heart-rate intensity in which you burn the most calories from fat.

It’s said to take place at around 60-70 percent of your maximum heart rate.
Fat Burning Zone Rowing Machine Workouts allows your body to convert energy from fat because it is in a lower state of cardio—unlike the cardio zone, which requires instant fuel that your body more easily converts from glycogen (the energy from your food).

In lay terms, when you Rowing Machine exercise at a higher intensity, your body goes for energy that is most easily accessible (energy from food). When your Rowing Machine Workout is at a moderate intensity, your body doesn’t need energy as instantly and instead sources it primarily from fat.

Most Trainers agree that including Fat Burning Zone workouts in your fitness regimen has enormous benefits to your overall well-being, weight loss, and cardiovascular health. Rowing Machines are the perfect cardio machine to dial into your fat-burning zone while lowering your risk fo injury. Try a Rowing Machine fat-burning zone today.