30 MIN FAT BURNING HOME WORKOUT // No Equipment, Full Body

30 MIN FAT BURNING HOME WORKOUT // No Equipment, Full Body


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The 30 minute workout: each exercise is performed for 40s and followed by 20s rest. It’s a circuit, so we complete Move 1 to 10 and then repeat it 3 times! Feel free to go for 1 or 2 rounds if you’re just starting out (:

1. Jack to high knee
2. Assisted press-up to sit back
3. Squat to punch
4. Squat thrust to heel tap
5. Overhead squat with arm drive
6. Plank walk in to pike
7. Kneel to high knee
8. Bear to knee tap
9. Alternating knee strikes
10. Assisted side plank crunches

If you want to warm-up or cool down as well I’ve got you sorted (: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQTS_gGZxro

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