(3.5) TaskBounties App

(3.5) TaskBounties App

My name is Larry i’m a web developer from the 
United States i also mine Pi, my username is  
LarryW, and I am the developer working on what 
potentially will be a Pi app in the Pi App  
network marketplace, and i’ve called my 
presentation: “Adventures in Building Utility”,  
because that’s what I’m attempting to 
do is build a utility in what will be  
the Pi network. Here is what I want to talk about 
today I’m going to start out by discussing  
the Pi stack and Pi apps role. Then I plan to 
give a brief introduction to task bounties, 
after that, I want to dive into the internals 
a little bit about what the app is built on,  
and then a quick demo, and after that finally I’d 
like to discuss how potentially my app would  
leverage what will be the Pi network. If you 
read through the white paper this particular image  
stands out I think it’s a really good image
and there’s a big explanation around 
it, and what I’d like to touch on though.  
Is the green rectangle up top is what we’re doing 
we have our security circles right now, and it’s  
people that we trust and potentially, 
hopefully once the Pi network is live,  
and we’ve reached phase three and we’ve built 
out the blockchain you’re going to have  
these trust circles, and this everybody else will 
have trust circles, and there’ll be this huge  
network of people, and you’ll be 
able to easily come to consensus on  
transactions because of the fact that you’ll have 
just this huge network mesh of people that trust  
each other. So the fact that you trust each 
other it will be very easy to build consensus in,  
and and validate transactions, and that’s 
the basis of kind of what the blockchain  
does so the fact that you have that  
lends itself to having so many good things.  
One of those things is you’ll have you 
could have this huge marketplace of apps  
and that’s what I’m going to talk about 
today is the decentralized applications.  
More specifically the application that 
I’m working on so that’s you know where this  
app would potentially sit is the in the is 
in the decentralized application marketplace.
As i said earlier the potential name 
of the name of my app is the task bounties  
and what the idea behind the task 
boundaries is that would facilitate  
micro-tasks, where you know individuals that 
have various skills that could put themselves  
out there and people that need help with
various things could advertise or solicit.  
Those people so you’d have you know the option 
of looking for if you’re a person that does is,  
Wants to do these micro-tasks you can look for 
people that need help or you could create  
the fact that you’re out there, and you 
can do these types of micro tasks so someone  
that’s looking from someone to you know 
that needs help could the opposite way could  
look for people that do micro tests, 
or they could put something out there.  
That says I need help with 
this, and you know advertise and whatnot
And if those of us or people that are familiar 
with how these Pi apps are going to work  
understands that when the core team announced 
the apps they said they’re going to be built  
the people that you know build the apps it’s just 
going to be a lot of technologies that are already  
out there. So the app that I’m building you know 
it’s good old-fashioned HTML, javascript, CSS which  
you know the basics of the web. So basically 
what it is is it’s a web app and I utilize  
dotnet asp.net in the middle you know the 
the framework and on the front end um I’m using  
Vue so that’s you know kind of one of it’s a 
javascript framework that is very popular right  
now so i use that framework on the front end and 
then i utilize something called Vuetify, which is  
built with Vue to give you know beautify 
utilizes Vue the frontend look or  
the interface looks like a material design, so 
like it kind of has that app-ish type of feel.  
So it’s something familiar with you know when 
people are using apps that interact with 
a web app so it’s it kind of gives it an 
App type of feel to it.  
A summary of the the frameworks that i’m 
using to put together this app.
And so what I’d like to do is
kind of go through a short demo of how  
the app works, and I’m gonna kind 
of what I’m gonna do is. I’m gonna  
first off show you the app 
right so this is the app now
what it is this is the sandbox that 
the Pi network team had kind of  
put together for us to test and 
test our apps and kind of you know.  
Be able to run through and have them see 
how they would look, and function in what will be
the Pi Network. So this is task bounties, and 
this would be ideally what you would see when you  
came onto the app is kind of a brief kind of 
summary list of you know you’d save some  
you know people that are looking for help 
and people that are looking for work, right?  
So it’s kind of basics, and you 
have your menu up top that’s a home.  
You know obviously mail this.  
This would be the user if you are signed in so
Let’s go through quickly a couple of workflows here 
what I’d like to do first off let’s go through  
the workflow of actually creating a task okay. So, 
if, you would like to create a task what you would  
do is you hit this plus+ button here that indicates 
that you want to add one of these items to  
the screen. Right now creating 
a test is I would be a person that I would  
be looking for help right so I say, “I’m 
looking for help”, right so there you go.  
That there and so this would be 
something that I would need is I’m gonna
potentially need an I need 
help with graphic design.  
Because I’m not a graphic designer.
Alright so kind of a short description is that  
you know for someone to help me 
create the logo for my Pi app.
And longer description.
This is an optional item is that you know 
instructions to complete, and potentially  
You could have a start date, and end date if you’d like. I’m going to say I need one person.
About the amount. Great. it’s going to 
be a set payment. Yeah, one time task.
Graphic design. Let’s put some tags in here.
Okay, and if we’d like we can make it more 
local here you can put a list of countries  
regions and cities kind of an area of citie.  
In this case I’m going to 
say that an application is required.
and i’m going to add questions right.
Ok. And if I’d like to I can hide my 
profile username all right so then I submit.
And there you go and you know it’s under 
review and that’s kind of you know just a  
kind of a little bit of a summary kind of a 
screen there that a user would have. Okay, now
it’s another workflow then you would come back 
and maybe someone that would be applying for  
your task right so. Now I’m gonna pretend 
that this particular task was approved  
okay so i’m someone I’m gonna I’m 
gonna actually apply for my own.  
Task that I created so not likely but 
you know this is a demo of course so this
is you would come here right and you’re signed 
in and you you see these okay i want to apply.
Okay so what are some right so.
Lot popular applications here you would,
answer that question,
And there you go and submit your application. There 
we go and that’s that’s pretty much you know it.  
You know some of these I mean you’re 
gonna be able to communicate potentially  
and you get you know to get your alerts, 
and everything like that when you know.  
So that is the basics of how 
the app would work now.
There are many ways in which something like this could potentially leverage the Pi network. I’m  
I’m kind of thinking of the fact that there 
are so many people out there that you could  
potentially everybody has a skill you could kind 
of form i guess what you’d call them  
you know groups of people that would everybody 
has a different skill, and you could come together  
and market yourselves together as far as being able to do certain tasks.  
I mean we could you know use it to somehow 
reach people outside of the Pi network  
to kind of like you know you would be like 
together with the  
people that are pioneers or you know i guess 
people that are in the Pi network could  
seek each other out and you would be able to 
form these groups and you’d be able to get  
together and you would be able to market yourself 
outside of the Pi network in that manner.  
You know there’s just a whole host of things 
that would potentially benefit and you can  
you know leverage what we have 
here with this particular app.  
So right now it’s kind of you to know just kind of 
what I am working on and my hope is.  
That you know I can continue working on something 
that whatever type of governance we have.
It gets validated and it is I’m able to 
put it out there on the Pi network in  
the future. So that’s you know it’s kind 
of a summary of what I’m working on and  
Hopefully, it’s been something that 
you know just listening to this and  
has been beneficial to all of you. 
Thank you for forlending me your time!

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