(3.4) FeverIQ update

Hi, I’m Alan Chiu, co-founder and CEO of 
Enya.ai, the team that built FeverIQ. 
It’s great to see all of you here 
at the very first Pi convention.
FeverIQ is the first app to deploy on the 
Pi platform. When we first launched FeverIQ
on Pi, we hoped to collaborate with you 
the Pi community to fight Covid together. 
You will share with us your Covid symptoms, and 
we would use our secure computation technology  
to protect your privacy while generating insights 
to help scientists better understand the pandemic.  
Since then, we’ve been truly 
humbled by your enthusiasm  
and generosity more than four and a half million 
of you have participated in FeverIQ, making it  
the largest secure computation
network for healthcare in the world.
Many of you went beyond reporting symptoms 
and donated to the reward pool as well.
Thanks to you, anyone in the world can now screen 
for Covid more accurately than just taking the  
temperature or using a static checklist. The 
FeverIQ Covid risk calculator performs as  
much as 2.7 times better than the alternatives, 
and it is freely available to everyone. Businesses  
and schools can now use this calculator for 
free to help keep the staff and students safe,  
Now, let’s hear from our co-founder and Stanford 
bioengineering professor Jan Liphardt as well. 
Hi, my name is Jan Liphardt. I’m a professor at 
Stanford. I’ve taught classes with Nicolas, 
and I’ve been working with Alan and everyone 
else at Enya to build technologies for securely  
computing on sensitive data. If you’ve used the 
FeverIQ app on Pi, you’ve been one of several  
million people who have contributed data and test 
results to this global scientific effort. What  
all of us have been able to demonstrate working 
together is that it’s possible to securely compute  
on sensitive data and use this information 
for science without jeopardizing your privacy.  
The next steps for us are to test the 
technology in a hospital, and just last week,  
Stanford hospital has started to test a risk 
calculator based on your data for use in the ER. So  
when you visit Stanford Hospital, when you visit 
the ER, then you can fill out a risk estimator,  
and then we can use this to evaluate how good the 
predictive power is of classifiers we’ve built  
on the FeverIQ data. Another thing we did last week 
is to release a paper to the med archive preprint  
server describing some of the things we’ve 
learned and also acknowledging you the pioneers  
for their intrepid and generous contributions on 
to this effort. So thank you to everyone here to  
the millions of people here from 91 different 
countries who have contributed to this effort  
which is the world’s first and largest deployment 
of secure multi-party computation. Thank you.
Finally, we would like to thank the Pi team for 
jumping into the deep end with us to make this  
possible. They pulled out all the stops through 
many sleepless nights to scale the platform as  
usage ramped up and have proven themselves 
to be the most trusted development partner  
anyone could wish for. We look forward to many 
more collaborations together. Thank you once again,  
and please drop us a note 
to say hi, and share with us  
what would you like us to build next. 
Our email is hello@enya.ai . Thank you!

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